B&B Tuesday Update 4/15/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/15/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope cannot believe Liam is doing this. Liam explains over the phone that he just wants to talk to her.

Wyatt goes back to the parking lot to find Liam driving off with Hope in the back of the trailer.

Katie believes that everything involving Ridge effects her as well now just like what involved Bill involves her. Katie again brings up the vice presidency. Brooke tells her yet again that Eric decided on that she had nothing to do with it but she is not going to give it up. Brooke thinks that if Katie is that hung up on it, that it just shows how insecure she is towards her relationship with Ridge.

Liam tells Hope that that could have been it that if she was pregnant with Wyatt's kid that they would have been over. Hope tells Lima this has nothing to do with him. Liam thinks this was a huge wake up call. Liam sees Wyatt run after them and speeds up. Hope is watching from the back. Wyatt stops and says Liam's name.

Bill takes a sip of a drink at a restaurant and thinks about when Katie took over Spencer. Justin shows up and Bill wants to know why he was late. Justin says there was a four car pile up. Justin thinks that he will not be mad once he sees what is in the folder.

Katie thinks that this was a bad idea because Eric does not understand this yet because Eric will want to like them together. Brooke tells Katie this is her business. Katie does not think it takes a genius to figure out why she is now involved in the company again.

Wyatt asks Hope where he is taking him. Wyatt says he is calling the police. Hope says that he will be fine. Wyatt tells Hope that when he stops the car she is to call so he can come get her.

Bill tells Justin he needs to take control of his ship. Justin knows that Katie will not do that. Bill knows that Katie will not let him see his son. He should have control of the company and see his son.

Katie knew that Eric was trying to hard to get Brooke and Ridge together. Katie remembers when Taylor wanted to get involved in the company and Brooke had a fit. Brooke reminds Katie that Taylor is a therapist while she is a chemist who created a formula and Brooke's bedroom. She asks who Katie is because this is not right. Brooke thinks that she wants to be something that she is not.

Liam continues to drive.

Wyatt waits in Hope's office for her to call and is very frantic. Quinn comes in and asks for his opinion on something before he leaves with Hope. She notices he does not look happy and asks what is wrong. Wyatt explains what happened. Quinn wonders where they went. Wyatt says that if he did he wouldn't be here anymore.

Hope is shocked to find out they are at his house. Liam wonders where else he could be. Liam says they need time. Liam asks her to come inside so they can figure this out.

Bill knows that Katie is using the company just to get back at him.

Katie cannot believe that Brooke thinks this is all about payback. Brooke does not think this is about payback. Katie explains she is no longer a little girl she is running a multi billion dollar company. Brooke reminds her that she stole that company. Katie explains that Brooke helped her secure the company. Brooke cannot believe that is held at such high standards when Katie and Brooke are such hypocrites. Katie had to start defending herself when Brooke took her husband. She tells her to enjoy Bill because they are two of a kind.

Bill wants to know why Justin is bringing up Ridge. Justin knows about Katie and Ridge and thinks that he might be thinking about it. Bill thinks those two are just a distraction.

Katie thinks that Bill is not the same man she married. Katie believes that Ridge and her want something less dramatic and she hopes one day Brooke will want something like this for herself.

Wyatt cannot understand this. Quinn tells Wyatt that he needs to go rescue Hope from Liam. Wyatt does not think he needs to be going after her. Hope calls and explains that Liam needs time to talk to her and she needs time to. She asks him to respect that. Wyatt is not happy about this. Wyatt explains what Hope wanted. Quinn tells him he needs to get out there this is not good.

Liam freaked out and wonders if she could blame him. Liam feels he almost lost her today and lost each other forever. Liam hopes that scared her as much as it scared him. Hope was scared because she could not be pregnant. She could not lose the idea of losing Liam or losing Wyatt. Liam thinks that Hope needs to forget Wyatt because they don't love each other like they love each other. Liam believes that this is her home. Liam thinks that she belongs with him. Liam kisses Hope and she kisses him back. Hope cries. Liam asks Hope to come home to him.

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