B&B Monday Update 4/14/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/14/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope comes back into the room and Wyatt wants to know what the test said. Liam asks if she was pregnant. Hope looks at the two of them.

Brooke and Bill kiss passionately in her bedroom. Bill loves that they will be able to do this every day and every second of the day. Bill tells her that the stallion is back. Brooke loves her stallion. Bill wants to make sure this is what she wants before they truly make it official. Brooke has no doubts.

Katie comes to see Eric and Eric has her come in his office. Katie thinks he knows why she is here. Eric believes so. Katie does not think it is a good idea for the two of them to be working together. Katie asks if this is all about getting Brooke and Ridge to work closely together. Katie has always respected Eric. She would like to know how he feels about her. Eric is surprised about this. He has always thought Katie was a terrific woman but he believes Ridge and Brooke belong together. He believes that Ridge is the only man for Brooke.

Bill had always hoped that Brooke would come around. He did have a little doubt for a while. Brooke tells him that everything is all in the past now. Brooke had to try to see if things would work with Ridge but they didn't. Bill knows. Bill wonders if this is all a reaction to Ridge and Katie. Brooke asks how he can ask that and smiles. She starts to kiss him.

Liam begs to know if she is pregnant with the baby. Wyatt tells him to get out. Hope tells the two to be quite. She has gotten very close with Wyatt but she is not having a baby. Wyatt asks if she is serious. Hope says no she is not pregnant. Wyatt looks sad while Liam does a silent cheer and fist bump.

Eric reminds Katie that the two of them have a child and that they have a history. Katie reminds him that she has children with Eric as well. Katie believes that she is not going to get hurt. She knows all about the deal Ridge was offered and she believes that Ridge saying no is proof. Katie believes destiny has changed. Brooke is with Bill and she is with Ridge. She really wants him to be able to accept that.

Brooke and Bill kiss on the bed.

Liam is so happy that she is not pregnant. Wyatt ignores him. He makes sure that she is ok. Hope thinks it is probably for the best. Liam decides to just let them deal with this but tells them both this is the best news he has heard in years. Wyatt tells him to shut up. Liam tells him that this is great news because he has loved her for years. Wyatt wants to talk alone. Liam decides to leave. Wyatt cannot believe that Liam just left like that so easily. He was expecting the usual Liam who makes a play for Hope. He wonders if Liam has finally wised up. Hope frowns.

Eric believes that Ridge and Brooke have a very strong connection. Katie thinks it would be strange if they didn't but that they have both changed as people. Eric tells Katie that Ridge has a way of making a woman feel like she is the most important person in the world. Katie wonders if Ridge is playing games. She is ok if that is what he is saying because she thought that too but she cannot get over her feelings now.

Bill and Brooke both lay in bed under a blanket. Brooke believes she is really lucky. Bill thinks so after what they just did. Brooke has to get to the office as she has things she has to do. Bill tells Brooke the only thing he needs in life is her and his boys. Bill does want his son back and his company. Brooke asks if Bill has talked to Karen. Bill explains she will not return his calls after all the support he has given her.

Wyatt thinks that was kind of crazy. Hope is kind of relieved with how it happened because she is not ready. Wyatt is glad that she is saying that because he is not ready either. Hope thinks that they have to be more careful about protection. Wyatt would have been ok with that. He would have supported her no matter what. They would have dealt with it together. Hope thanks Wyatt for being so sweet. Wyatt would never want to have a kid with any one but Hope. He knows that it is important for the two of them to take things slow. They have there whole lives to have a ton of kids. Hope thinks they should start with two or three tops but that is a long way off. Hope kisses Wyatt. Wyatt asks Hope to get out of here they can go on another road trip. Wyatt thinks they can talk about what happened. Wyatt does not care what they do he just cannot wait to get away with her. Wyatt and Hope kiss passionately.

Katie tells Eric that the idea of Ridge and Brooke is a thing of the past. Eric is not going to give up. Katie begs that he stop trying to sabotage with them. Katie does not need this. Brooke is listening at the door. Katie thinks this is very personal. Katie and Ridge are in love. Eric thinks that this might just be revenge on Brooke. Eric has a meeting. He wishes only the best for her. Brooke comes in and slams the door and tells her how dare she tells Eric she doesn't her working with Ridge. Katie asks what she expected.

Hope thinks it will be good to get out of town for a while. Wyatt believes they will have a lot to talk about. Wyatt gets a phone call and says he will be there. Wyatt says he has to go sign a few things before hand. Hope goes inside to make sure they have everything. Someone starts the car and Hope is moving in the back and freaking out. Liam calls Hope up and says that even though this is drastic he is taking Hope away from him.

Liam believes that they are at a cross roads and they have been given a chance. He believes if they don't take this chance they will not get another one. Liam begs for one more chance to make this work. Liam kisses Hope.

Wyatt cannot believe Liam has gotten away with stealing everything. Quinn tells him to go get Hope.

Donna asks if it is true about her and Bill. Brooke explains that it is true. She tells Donna that Katie knows but does not care because she is having a power fight trip right now.

Katie starts a board meeting right now with Karen and Justin. Justin explains they have a situation where they have flattened out and wants to know what they are going to do about it. Katie explains they are in transition. Justin says from profit to loss. Karen thinks he numbers are unacceptable and wants to know how Katie plans to turn them around. Katie shows her projections.

Quinn does not think this is a good thing. Wyatt decides they need to go and get her back.

Hope cannot believe this she thinks he is crazy for what he just did. Liam knows but thinks that her being almost pregnant was a bad thing. Liam wanted to get her alone. Hope wonders if he wanted to talk some sense into her. Hope says enough she is in a relationship with him. Liam knows but because she is not ready to marry him that means she is not ready to be having his kids.

Katie believes her new plan will show profits in two quarters. Justin does not think that this is a good thing. Katie does not believe that the company was much better. Katie understands they have to get back on track. Karen tells her that they have to start moving forward. Karen tells them all thank you.

Donna wonders if Karen and Katie have controlling interest. Brooke knows that Bill has a lot of issues with Karen just like she does with Katie. Brooke thinks of something from what she just said and leaves Donna.

Quinn wants to put Liam in his place. Wyatt says she is to stay in the car as he will be the one to take care of Liam.

Hope thinks about times she has with Liam. Liam tells Hope that this is there home. He asks her to come back to him. Liam was scared by the pregnancy. He does not expect Hope to say so but he knows it scared her. Hope says she was scared. Liam believes that this would have made them lose each other forever. Hope says she is not. Liam thinks that all the memories and good times are here. Hope knows that this is special and she is not ready to give up on all this but she is dating Wyatt right now. She is taking things slowly and she likes that. She likes that Hope does not get pressured by him. Liam knows that a pregnancy is like pressure though. Hope does not want to talk about that right now. Liam tells her to focus on him and all the fun they used to have. Liam has not gone anywhere. He is still the same person Liam Cooper the guy she reunited with his father. He might have got lost along the way but he knows that he belongs to her when they have so much more of a story to tell.

Wyatt tells her to just leave and he will take the truck home with Hope. Quinn says not to under estimate him.

Karen is not sure what she is going to do about Bill. Katie asks if she knows about Bill and Brooke. Karen knows about that and her with Ridge. Karen says if Katie is happy then she is happy. Karen does feel badly about Bill because he was supportive of her but now things are just not ok with them. Katie asks if there is anything she can do. Karen does not think there is anything to do. Katie explains that Brooke is now vice president with Ridge. Katie has to get to a meeting. Karen says she will see herself out. Karen gets a call.

Brooke is on the other line. Brooke wonders if they could meet for lunch she would like to talk about something and not to tell anyone. Karen says she is on her way.

Hope does not think this was a good idea and he did not have to hijack a truck to see her. Liam will remember that next time. Liam asks if she could live with him. Wyatt comes in and tells him to get his hands off of her and give him his keys now. Liam gives him the keys. Wyatt asks if he really thought this would work. He can't believe he tried to kidnap her. Liam tells Hope she does not have to go. Hope says she is sorry. Hope grabs her purse and the two of them leave.

Karen shows up at the restaurant and Brooke says it is good to see her. Brooke explains she would like to talk about Bill and Katie. Karen says she had the same conversation with Katie earlier. Brooke explains she would like to mend things with Katie but Katie is on a power trip. Karen knows that they are both in love. Brooke wants to talk about Bill. Brooke wants to know if Katie is doing a good job. Karen says there are a few flaws. Brooke wants to work on her relationship with Katie but Karen or Bill should be running the company. She tells him to hire him back.

Katie gets back from her meeting and likes being CEO.

Liam looks at a picture of Hope and Quinn comes through the back door and tells him never to do something like that again.

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