B&B Wednesday Update 4/9/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/9/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam types on his computer at home and looks up Quinn and her jewelry. Liam gets someone knocking at the door and goes to open it. It is Hope and she explains that she probably should have called but she decided to come over anyways. Hope asks if Bill stayed at home last night. Liam says no. Hope knows where he was then...

Bill knows he was right about everything. Brooke will not let him be right she says jokingly. The two kiss passionately and Bill groans like a stallion. Bill tells her that the stallion is back. Brooke laughs.

Katie is shocked to see that Ridge is up so early. Ridge tells her that he can only make his coffee. Katie wonders what he was doing last night. Ridge says he was checking on Will. Katie asks if he is ok about last night with Brooke. Ridge knows she was just trying to assert her power but Katie has more power.

Hope cannot believe this. Hope has to move out but she cannot let RJ be held accountable. Liam is shocked and thought they were over though he kind of is happy for him. Hope tells him not to bring up Quinn again.

Ridge is still annoyed at Bill. He does not want him around his son. Katie suggests that RJ and Ridge move into her house. Ridge wonders if she would really like that. Katie would be very happy with that. She is kind of crazy in love with him.

Brooke brings Bill a cup of coffee and she tells him not to spill on her Egyptian cotton sheets. Bill explains they can live anywhere in the world if she wants. Brooke says here in her house. She loves her house and her son and her daughter and Bill. She wonders if Bill could do with that. Bill wants to be wherever Brooke is. The two kiss.

Hope looks at Liam's computer and is shocked. She gets a phone call and tells Madison to tell Eric that she will be a bit late in the office. Liam comes back and Hope asks what this is. Liam explains that this is research. Hope wonders why he is searching for Quinn Fuller arrest. Liam thinks that it would not be shocking if she did have a record. Liam explains though that she just doesn't have anything on her. Hope does not think that everyone has a record even if they are bad people. Liam believes that he just care so much about Hope.

Bill believes life is a ladder and he has fallen but now he is back on his way to the top. Bill explains that all the best things in life begin with Brooke. He wonders if that is clear. Brooke says yes. The two kiss passionately.

Liam asks if Hope came here for another reason. Hope explains she doesn't have a plan if Bill moves in. She is not moving in with Wyatt though. Liam knows that he has asked. Hope explains that her relationship with Wyatt has nothing to do with him. Liam believes it has everything to do with him. Liam believes that if he is trying to give her space it looks like Liam is not trying hard enough. Liam is not going to be the nice guy who finishes last.

Katie shows up and explains that he new house keeper doesn't even know about her. Katie sees she does not do beds. Katie wonders if Brooke was drunk last night. Brooke says no. Katie thinks it was all payback then.

Bill comes in on Ridge. Ridge is glad he is here. Ridge thinks that Bill believes they are swapping wives or something. Bill does not think that at all. Bill cannot believe that he would turn down the prize for the runner up fix her up model. Bill says go ahead and have Katie because that's exactly what he needs.

Hope tells Liam that he resented when Wyatt kissed her. Liam asks if Wyatt has proposed. Hope tells him that she has not forgot her life with Liam but she is in a different place than Liam right now. Liam thinks that as long as he has truly had the choice he has would choose her. Liam thinks that one day the two of them will be together because it is not worth having an ending any other way.

Brooke thinks that Katie is doing the exact same thing happened to her last year. Katie demanded a divorce. Brooke can be damned for all eternity for one mistake but Katie can claim it was a mistake. She thinks Katie is just like Ridge because they can never be wrong. She wonders when they will have an argument. Brooke wonders why Katie is so angry.

Ridge thinks that if he had called Brooke last night, she would have pushed Bill out of bed faster than he could blink. Bill tells Ridge that he would not make that call. Bill thinks that Ridge is going to love Katie because she does not let people do anything and once you displease her she is gone and Ridge will be all to blame. Ridge cannot believe that Bill would talk about her like that. Bill has the privilege of knowing things about Katie; he may have even created this version of Katie. Ridge knows he likes poems so he recites one, "Roses are red, violets are blue, Katie was once his, and now she is with him." Bill explains she is the third Logan woman and she is now with him.

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