B&B Tuesday Update 4/8/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/8/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie and Ridge are under a blanket without clothes on and they kiss. Katie believes this is the best part of their day as it is when they are all alone. Ridge thinks things are great for the two of them. Katie does not imagine things getting any better. Ridge tells her she has not seen anything yet.

Brooke brushes her hair in bed and Bill walks in and says she wants her back and that he is no going anywhere until he gets her.

Aly needs a minute to catch her breath. She breaths very heavily. Oliver asks if she is ok. Aly explains she is better than ok. She believes that whole kiss was breath taking. She had never kissed anyone before. Oliver is shocked that beautiful girl like her had never been kissed before. Oliver believes that Aly has a lot of catching up to do.

Ridge thinks that the media is going to come down on them now. Ridge hopes that Katie is prepared. Katie reminds him that she is the head of Spencer publications and was married to Bill and Brooke was her sister. She knows how to do deal with the media. Ridge is just warning her.

Bill brushes Brooke's hair. She enjoys it. Brooke explains how Ridge tried to fire everyone. Bill thinks that was ambitious even for Ridge. Brooke tells him that Eric would not allow him to do any of it. Brooke says that she is no co vice president with Ridge. Bill thinks that it is a way for him to get back together with Ridge. He thinks this goes against his very nature. He has a lot of patients for Brooke. He does not like being patient. Bill reminds her how the last time Brooke tried to get with Ridge. He can't imagine that they will be able to work together. Bill will not put up with this any longer.

Oliver is honored that he got to be her first kiss. Aly tells him that she was not trying to come on to him if he thought that. Aly believes that people should say what they have on their minds. Oliver enjoys Aly's views. He believes she is a breath of fresh air compared to the models of her past. Pam knocks on the door and asks if she can come in. Oliver hides in the closet. Pam comes in and is dressed in a medieval outfit saying that they have to go. She asks if something is going on in here.

Katie does not want Ridge working with Brooke. Katie is surprised that Eric does not like her. She always thought he did. Katie knows that Eric thinks that Brooke will want to be with Ridge again if they work close together. Ridge only wants Katie and she can do what she wants. Katie says if he insists and gets under the blanket.

Brooke feels it is important for her to be at FC right now, because she needs to be with her children. Bill thinks that Brooke just wants to be around Ridge. Bill will not put up with this game anymore. Bill wants to be with Brooke now.

Pam asks what is in the closet. Aly explains that she thought she saw a mouse. Aly thinks Pam's outfit is interesting. Pam tells Aly that she needs to get ready really quickly. Aly says she will be right there she just needs to get changed. Oliver is amused over Pam's plans for the night.

Katie wonders why they have to keep learning the same lessons over and over. Ridge tells Katie she should get some sleep. She keeps having horrible and tragic things happen yet he is the best thing to ever happen to her. Ridge believes that Katie can do anything. Katie does not think that anyone has ever seen her like that before. Ridge thinks they must have been stupid then.

Bill tells Brooke that she said she loved him but not she wants to patient. Brooke does love Bill. Bill wants the two of them to do it out in public. Bill thinks that the two of them are perfect. He thinks it is time. Bill tells Brooke it is time. Bill tells her that if he leaves this time he is not coming back. Brooke does not want that. Brooke wants him. Bill kisses Brooke passionately. Brooke says now. Bill and Brooke walk over to the bed still kissing and kiss passionately on the bed.

Aly takes a deep breath and is sorry about the interruption. Oliver explains he came by unwanted. Aly says he was not unwanted. Aly says he can come back but he does not have to. Oliver would love to come back and he likes her. Aly thinks this is great because he likes her and thinks he is a really great guy. Aly asks if Oliver is going to be able to escape without Pam seeing. Oliver says he will find away. He tells her to enjoy the turkey legs. He kisses her and says he will be thinking of her. Aly smiles.

Bill did not know it could be like that again. Bill never gave up on them. Brooke believes she expressed that Bill was right. She will not back out on him. She is even ready to tell the whole world. Brooke gets her phone and calls Katie. Brooke says she is not rubbing her nose in it but she is together with Bill now permanently. Brooke is going to do right with the kids. They are with each others ex's. Katie knew this would happen. Brooke hangs up the phone.

Ridge is shocked to hear that Brooke is around Bill. Katie explains that Bill has issues but is not a monster. Katie thinks they will get though this together.

Brooke and Bill kiss passionately in bed. Brooke smiles.

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