B&B Monday Update 4/7/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/7/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Eric gives Ridge his word that he will make him CEO if Ridge dumps Katie. Ridge thinks that Brooke really did a number on him. Eric tells him that she knows nothing about this, but if he wants the job this is how he gets it.

Katie thinks that Brooke should have given up her position. Brooke could not have done that. Katie tells Brooke that she and Ridge are committed to each other as they are in love.

Oliver asks if Aly's hand still feels burned. Aly explains that she feels all better. Aly says the ice was nice though. Oliver agrees. The two smile at each other. Oliver asks if Aly is ok. Aly says yes she is fine. She decides though that she has to go. Oliver points out that she didn't drink her tea. Aly tells him he can drink it.

Carter tells Maya that he has to get back to the office. Maya asks if he will pick it up at dinner. Carter says yes. Maya walks over to Oliver and tells him it has been an interesting day. Oliver says yes it has been.

Brooke wants to know if Katie just came here to tell her that they are in love again. Brooke didn't do anything, Ridge tried to destroy her family Oliver. She is not flirting with Ridge. She is fighting him.

Eric believes this is all for Ridge. Eric thinks that his feelings for Katie are a way to get back at Brooke for Bill. Ridge can work as co- vice president the rest of his days or he can go back to Brooke and leave Katie and it will all be his. Eric asks if their really is any other choice.

Maya asks if he poured hot tea on Aly's hand. She thinks that it was kind of sweet he was putting ice on her hand. Oliver knows that she is a nice girl. Maya wonders what Oliver's intentions are. Oliver does not know. Maya knows that he likes her. Oliver asks if she is jealous. Maya tells him to be careful and not hurt her. Maya leaves.

Aly goes into her bedroom and sits on the bed. She smiles while she thinks about Oliver kissing her hand. She looks at Darla's photo. Darla tells Aly that he is a nice guy. Aly agrees. Darla thinks that Oliver must like him. Aly thinks that Oliver is different. She think the kiss means something. Darla tells her it does.

Brooke only cares about the company and her children. Brooke tells Katie that Ridge always gets what he wants. Katie knows that Brooke is only here because of Ridge. She knows that Brooke will never be able to accept that she is with Ridge now but it is done and over with.

Eric tells Ridge to act like a CEO. Ridge refuses to give up his relationship with Katie. Ridge loves Katie and he is not going to leave her not even for all of this. Eric has a look of disbelief.

Aly goes to open the door and Oliver is at the door. He explains the maid let him in. Oliver tells her that she left her glasses at the bar. Aly asks if he would live to come in. Oliver notices that Aly has a lot of photos of Hope. She explains that she is sort of a fan. Oliver shows Aly a tattoo that he got that says Hope in Chinese. Aly tells him that he never had a guy in her room before. Oliver likes her room, he explains that he likes her.

Brooke is not here to work out her differences with him. Eric explains that he just made Ridge an offer he could not refuse and he refused it. Eric explains that the only thing he had to do is get back with Brooke. Brooke looks shocked.

Ridge shows back up at Katie's and she is trying to be romantic. Katie explains that she talked to Brooke and it was awful. Katie would really love to believe Brooke, but she cannot believe that Brooke is not behind getting the vice presidency. Ridge is going to have to deal with it. Katie thinks that he will come around. Ridge tells her about the offer. Ridge explains that the only way he would become CEO is if he got back together with Brooke. Katie looks annoyed.

Aly doesn't think that Oliver knows her. Oliver believes that he does. Oliver thinks that Aly is a reason why he got to keep his job. Aly will not let him lose him job. Oliver asks why Aly gets her mindset. Oliver thinks she is different as they are all about ego unlike Aly who stands up what she believes in. Oliver wonders if this bothers Aly the way he is talking. Aly explains it just does not happen that often. Aly is glad that Wyatt did not get his way. Aly thanks Oliver for bringing her sunglasses. Aly tells Oliver he will see her tomorrow. Oliver kisses Aly. She kisses back.

Brooke does not think that Ridge should be given that power. Eric thinks that Ridge and Brooke are the future of the company and deep down Ridge knows that.

Katie knows this is everything Ridge wants. Ridge loves Katie. He has everything he wants. He is not going to leave Katie. Katie loves him, too. The two kiss. Ridge tells Katie they will get through this. Katie thinks it was a good opportunity. Ridge did not think it was. He felt it was a bribe and all he wants is Katie.

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