B&B Wednesday Update 4/2/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/2/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke tells Eric to not let this happen. Hope believes that Rick has been an excellent president for the past year. Eric tries to tell Ridge that what he is trying to do is a bit out there. Rick interrupts and explains that he does not have the authority any more to say who stays and who goes. Rick is not going to let anything change. Ridge has no plans to be mean but he is going to change. Ridge believes that because he is back, he deserves to be in charge. Brooke demands to speak to Eric alone.

Oliver needs more boxes. Maya does not think that he should be fired. Aly comes in and is shocked to hear that he has been fired.

Rick cannot believe that Ridge believes he can change everything whenever he wants. Ridge did not intend to do that. Rick reminds him that Ridge promised to be a good person. Rick tells Ridge that Brooke is reminding Eric right now to his dad. He emphasizes that Eric is Rick's father not Ridge's. He reminds Ridge that he is a Marone not a Forrester.

Pam would have baked had she known what was going on today. Caroline asks if Carter knew about this. Carter only sort have knew about this. Pam asks if it is a good idea to have Ridge and Rick in a room alone together. Hope and Caroline look at each other.

Brooke tells Eric that Ridge is not allowed to do this. Eric understands why Brooke is feeling this way but wonders where this is coming from. Brooke explains that Ridge left her for Katie. That they are in love. Eric thinks that is ridiculous. Brooke tells him the whole story and explains that Ridge believes that it will last, but she does not know who Ridge is anymore.

Ridge understands that he wants to defend his mother but thinks that Rick is to old to have Brooke fight for him. Rick tells him he should have stayed in Paris. Rick remembers Ridge's past. Ridge tells Rick that Brooke would do things too. Ridge does not want to speak ill of Brooke, he came back to have a family but he did not expect to see her with Bill. Rick thinks that this is far to much. Ridge thinks there is a pattern with Nick and Deacon. Rick wonders how long it will be until he hurts Katie. Ridge does not want to talk about Katie. Caroline storms in and tells Ridge that he deserves respect. Caroline tells him to stop criticizing. Caroline knows that couture was the original line but things have changed. Ridge needs to get out of the 90's because he is not going to be taking the company from Rick.

Eric cannot support this relationship. Brooke believes that Ridge is trying to hurt Hope and Rick now. Eric thinks this is all unbelievable. Brooke thinks that Ridge is just like Massimo walking out on his company. Rick on the other hand has done so much for the company. Eric agrees but Ridge used to do just as much for the company. Brooke knows that if Ridge gets the presidency he will want to be CEO as well.

Hope hates that this is happening. Aly thinks they should have a going-away party. Hope thinks Eric will change Ridge's mind. Carter walks in and says he does not know what to say. Oliver tells them he is going to be ok. Carter knows that Maya enjoyed working with him. Oliver explains he did, too. Carter helps him pack up. Oliver looks through old pictures from back when he and Hope first started. Oliver shows Hope the photo. Hope thinks they looked like babies back then. Oliver believes it was a life time ago.

Ridge is happy that Rick finally found a good woman. Rick believes that Caroline is more than a good woman and believes that everyone but Ridge wants him as President. Ridge knows that he is better. Rick has made the company thrive yet Ridge wants to hurt it again. Ridge was gone and that is the only reason he was president. Ridge will never answer to Rick. Ridge believes that Brooke has had enough time to defend Rick.

Brooke does not think that this ok. He does not believe it was his place to fire Oliver. Eric hates this. Brooke tells him to make a choice. Brooke believes he should stay with Rick, his son. She points out that Rick is dedicated to Forrester. Rick begs Eric not to let Ridge talk him into the change.

Oliver continues to pack up and looks at Aly's photo. Aly comes in with another box. Aly thinks it was a good photo. Aly believes this is a big mistake and that this is going to all be unpacked. Aly knows that Hope is going to fight for him. Oliver is not family, he is as replaceable as the next guy.

Rick thanks both Caroline and Brooke. Caroline says she tried hard not to slap Ridge. Eric tells everyone that he has come to a choice. Ridge believes that this used to be considered one of the best fashion houses in the world but now it's about selling T-shirts to kids in malls. Rick is tired of proving himself. Brooke tells Ridge to be angry but not at her children. Rick will respect whatever Eric thinks. Eric hates having to do this, but he knows they won't. Eric knows they cannot go on the way they are. Eric has made his choice.

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