B&B Tuesday Update 4/1/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/1/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Brooke asks what happened in here. Bill explains that it is not important as no harm has been done. Brooke explains they need privacy. Bill explains that there last private conversation did not go over well. Brooke knows and did not want to leave things like that.

Aly takes selfies of herself and Liam walks in. Aly explains that whoever they are looking for is not here. Liam tells her that it is his. Aly explains that she has to take her picture for the company today and she is not doing well with it. Liam suggests calling her the HFTF intern. Aly thinks that is great.

Maya and Oliver take pictures for a photo shoot. Oliver thinks that Maya has been really on today. Maya likes to pretend like she is acting. Oliver wonders if they are both in the right place right now. Maya explains that it was a one time kiss and they both know what they are doing now. Oliver tells Maya that he used to be involved with Hope. Maya had never heard about them before. Oliver really thought that he had found it with her. Oliver tells her it ended poorly.

Aly asks if she should smile for her photo. Liam believes that all people should smile. Aly asks if she should call Hope. Liam just wanted to get out of the house. Aly suggests going to get dinner after the photo.

Brooke does not want to be cold with Bill anymore. Bill knows that she does not mean it. Brooke means it enough. Bill knows that it is because Katie has shamed her so much. Bill believes that once they get back together things will be different. Loving each other makes them great and he cannot get enough of it.

Maya never noticed anything awkward between Hope and Him. Oliver explains that it has been a long time. Things have changed since they stopped being in the running for being a Forrester. Maya says that if he is not happy he should leave. Oliver is happy and does not want to go anywhere.

Liam believes that Aly is very beautiful and will star in any future part of the Forrester directory. Liam asks for a rain check on dinner. Aly says ok. Liam tells Aly to be cautious when a guy finally asks her out. Aly says she has never dated. Liam thinks it is easy.

Brooke does not think it was all bad as they both loved each other and were happy. Brooke wanted to spend the rest of her life with Bill. Bill believes that Brooke needs to think about this more. Brooke thinks that it is wrong to go after her sisters husband while Katie is dating hers. Brooke lost a life. Bill asks if he can wait. Bill has been waiting for months, he has been waiting for months for her to stop saying she is a failure. Bill believes that she has not lost Ridge just outgrown him.

Aly is sorry for keeping Oliver waiting. Aly thinks they can do this tomorrow. Oliver asks if she has to go home. Aly says no but she just does not think that it is important. Oliver tells Aly that things will go over fine. Aly just lost track of time today. Oliver thinks that Aly has nothing to worry about around here because she is a Forrester. Oliver likes the photos they are taking. Aly is enjoying it a little bit too. Aly asks if she is single. Oliver tells Aly to move her chin a little. Oliver explains that he is single. Aly thinks that things might change.

Brooke asks if it is to late for her and Bill. Bill does not think that is possible. Brooke wonders if there were too many tears and sadness. Bill does not want anyone else. Bill asks why Brooke cannot let go of Ridge. Bill would never let go of Brooke. Brooke knows this. She knows that he is a great person but she needs to be a good person too. Brooke just needs a little time. Bill can give that to her. Bill kisses Brooke. Brooke smiles. Brooke would not have been able to sleep tonight if she had not told Bill that. Brooke is going to go so Bill can tidy up. Ridge takes Brooke to the door. Quinn walks out of the closet. She sighs.

Oliver thinks these photos are great. Aly is glad but does not want to keep Oliver here all night. Oliver wants her to stay. Aly does not like looking at pictures of herself. Oliver tells her to pick a favorite photo. Aly does not know. Oliver tells her to use one photo. Aly tells Oliver that Steffy and Hope are beautiful but she is average. Oliver does not think she is average at all. Aly says goodnight and thank you to Oliver. Oliver smiles.

Quinn tells Bill that she really needs to get out of her clothes. Bill says not here. Bill tells Quinn she could have screwed things up but she didn't and wants to know why. Quinn does not want to steal him away from Brooke, but she does like him a little bit more now that he has had his heart broken. Quinn does not want anyone knowing about this. Bill is happy with that and hopes it did not mean anything to anyone. Quinn says it meant nothing to her.

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