B&B Monday Update 3/31/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/31/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Ridge and Katie kiss passionately in bed and Ridge asks what is wrong. Katie says nothing she is just happy. Ridge thinks that Katie is the best thing he never saw coming. Katie believes it is funny how things never work out.

Eric tells Brooke that he is worried about her. Brooke explains that she has to learn how to define herself without a man. She does not even know who she is even more. Eric believes she is uniquely Brooke and one of the most beautiful human beings he has ever know.

Hope wonders if Rick has seen Brooke today. Rick explains he has and asks if he should be worried. Hope says not but knows that Brooke is not going to be able to get passed Ridge being with Katie. Rick thinks that they need to take Brooke for her word. Hope agrees. Caroline and Carter walk in and asks if they know what the emergency meeting is about. Rick wants to know if Carter even knows seeing that he is Ridge's right hand man. Carter says all he knows is that it has to do with management. Rick looks irritable.

Oliver looks over his emails and Maya walks in asking if this is a bad time. Oliver tells her it might be. He tells her that Ridge does not like any of the new HFTF shots.

Ridge tells Katie he has to get to the meeting and now he wishes he had not called it as he would rather spend all day in bed. Katie thinks that could have been arranged. Katie kisses Ridge. Katie knows that Brooke is not going to give up. Ridge tells her that she is going to have to as she is the past.

Brooke thinks that being single might be a good thing. She can redirect her energy into her children. Eric does not get Ridge. He believes that Ridge can get everything from Brooke. Brooke understands that Ridge has made a choice. Brooke can be happy without a man and she should have figured that out a long time ago. She just wants to focus on being a better person and a better mother. She wants to be part of FC again. She asks if she can sit in on the meeting. Eric says of course. Brooke is going to change and everyone just has to wait and see.

Katie puts her earrings on and Donna shows up. She is shocked to see Katie so happy. Katie explains she is so happy because of Ridge. Everything is different now. The house feels better now because of Ridge. She believes the house is filled with love and laughter. She loves having a man who respects and supports her. Donna is happy but finds it a bit weird. Katie believes that nothing moves in a straight line. She believes that things change. She loves Brooke but choices were made and they have changed there lives forever. Katie believes things are different and they have to adjust.

Ridge says hello to Pam. Ridge tells Pam she is getting a raise and to get Oliver into the meeting.

Maya cannot understand what is wrong with the photos. Oliver does not understand it either. Pam tells Oliver to be at the meeting in ten minutes.

Eric asks everyone what the meeting is about. Rick is shocked that Ridge has not told him either. Ridge shows up. Rick tells them that the sales have risen. The Stephanie collection has been great, couture is working great as well. Ridge wants to know about HFTF. Rick thinks they are to different. Ridge wants to make them look better. Ridge wants a new ad campaign with a different photographer. Ridge is closing the photo studio here in LA and moving it all to Paris. Oliver walks in.

Katie knows that Donna has been talking to Brooke and wants to know how she is doing. Donna explains that Brooke had to tell RJ the truth that Ridge was not coming home. Katie thinks that must have been awful. Donna explains that RJ was ok with it and is very mature. Katie is sorry. Donna knows. Donna explains that Brooke is being very cynical and Brooke is taking a long look at herself and does not like what she sees. Katie does not think that is a bad thing. Katie cannot give up on Ridge. Donna understands. She believes they will get through this. Donna thinks Katie has been through so much. Katie tells Donna that Ridge is starting a meeting and it is not going to make everyone happy.

Ridge wants Oliver to sit. Oliver would rather not. Ridge wants to make HFTF a lasting line otherwise it cannot benefit. Ridge asks what Oliver sees when he looks at the pictures. He believes one is timeless and one is just for the day. Ridge believes the photographer was better in Paris. Oliver cannot believe that he is being fired. Oliver leaves angry. Rick cannot believe this. Brooke believes he should reconsider. Rick tells Ridge he is not CEO. Rick is the president of this company. Ridge explains that is the other reason that he called the meeting today.

Oliver walks back into the studio and explains he was fired. Maya cannot believe this. Oliver tells them all that Ridge is taking over and everyone needs to know that really quickly.

Ridge tells Rick that he is going to be the president of the company. Rick is not going to step down. Caroline tells him that the company has been better since he has been in charge. Brooke tells him that Ridge cannot do whatever he wants. Her children are not going to be destroyed for him. Brooke will not let this little coup happen. Rick became president based on merit. Brooke tells Eric that there can only be one president and asks who it will be. Ridge or their son.

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