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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/26/14


Written By Anthony
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Eric explains that Aly has a valid point and will be staying in the room. Aly thanks him. Wyatt knows this will sell and asks if anyone has any doubt about this. Rick thinks it will sell. Aly believes that it will hurt her image and make many girls feel sad that Hope has changed her image. Aly cannot believe that Hope is doing this to herself.

Pam is still listening in at the door with Liam. Pam knows that Aly is not going to let anyone dose off during that meeting. Liam loves this side of Aly. Pam points out that not everyone believes that is a good idea.

Aly explains that so many people will have a problem with it. No one else though seems to have a problem with it. Eric asks Maya what she feels about the line. Maya explains that she doesn't have a problem with it. She is behind it as long as Hope is. Aly demands to talk to Hope alone. Eric warns her they are in the middle of a meeting. Hope agrees to talking alone.

Carter tells everyone that Aly should be in law school because she definitely likes to argue. Eric definitely agrees. Caroline does think that Aly has a point as she remembers being very moved by the early HFTF adds. Eric thinks that it was an inspiration to a generation and that means it will be hard to change the line so much. Rick does not think that this is impossible if done correctly. Wyatt goes off and explains to them all it has nothing to do with the line it has all to do with the fact that Aly hates him.

Pam explains that Aly is just a mouthy teenager. Pam believes that Hope and Wyatt agree with each other. Liam believes that it has to do with the fact that Wyatt is a smooth talker. Wyatt walks out and wonders why he is here. Liam tells him that he is here to watch his presentation.

Hope tells Aly to make her statement but is warned that better not be all about Wyatt as she will get less time to talk if that is the case. Aly is really sorry for before. Hope thanks her and says she is too. Aly thinks that Hope had a vision. Hope says she was young. Aly believes it was a vision. Hope tells her that she has grown up and matured just like she has and just like Aly has. Aly wants her to change the name of the line. She thinks if it is not changed and their is a billboard with her half naked that it is promoting a future of a hot night in bed.

Quinn wants to know what they are discussing. Eric thinks that Aly is making her case. Quinn does not understand why they are letting a teenager decide such big choices. Rick informs her that Aly is a Forrester. Maya believes that Aly should play a role. Carter believes that Hope should have the final say. Quinn believes that is perfect. Eric believes that Hope needs a good set of morals.

Liam does not believe that Wyatt knows what Hope stands for. Liam believes that Hope is going to go down and she will hate herself and him even more.

Hope believes that she was not perfect. Aly thought that she was taught that anyone can be respected. She believes that Hope's whole life is a lesson and that Hope deserves to show the world how good a role model she is. Hope is not angel. Aly does not want an angel she wants someone can be great. Aly believes that people want to be like her and act like her. She believes that Hope taught them how to invest in themselves. Hope has not changed. Aly believes that it will cheapen her and it will make people think that seduction is good. Hope needs to believe in her words. Aly needed to hear the words Hope said. She asks her to ask herself what message she gives them all if Hope starts to model in her underwear.

Pam asks if Liam and Wyatt are behaving themselves. Wyatt explains that Liam believes that he is going to ruin Hope. Pam believes Hope will do whatever she wants as she is a smart woman. Liam gets more confident when he is around Wyatt. Wyatt wonders if Liam thinks Hope is really going to want to go back to Liam if they were to break up.

Aly tells Hope to stop pretending that her image has changed enough for people not to care. She does not want to see something negative happen. Hope has been given a lot to think about. Aly begs her not to change who she is. Hope gets Aly's point but it is her decision to make.

Pam tells the two of them to be talking about Aly. Wyatt believes that Aly is certifiable. Pam tells him not to say things like that about her. Wyatt wants to know why. Pam almost tells the two of them but Hope comes out of her office and storms back into the other room.

Rick hopes that Hope has made a decision as he has another conference to get to. Eric asks what her choice is. Hope has made a choice. Hope agrees with Wyatt as the popularity will sell but she also agrees with Aly as she has a loyal fan base. Hope wonders if she has a chance at morphing the two ideas. She believes that it has to do what is right for her. She believes that what is right for her is not to follow in the footsteps of her mother, it might change but right now it just isn't a good choice.

Quinn thinks that Aly has to be stopped. Wyatt wants to know why everyone allows Aly to do whatever she wants. Aly comes in and explains she is going to get rid of the two of them. She will push the two of them out the door. She hates them both, but that is ok because they took there advice or her mothers advice. Quinn is glad she does not know her mother. Aly believes that Quinn is a witch and she can smell it. They both reek of evil. Aly will not let them poison Hope.

Hope wonders what Liam is doing here. Liam just likes to around. Hope asks how Steffy is. Liam has not spoken to her in a while. He loves Hope not Steffy and wants to be with only Hope. He asks if Wyatt is actually doing what she wants. He believes this is against Hope's better judgment. Hope believes that Aly just made a point today. Quinn is over listening. Liam thinks Wyatt wants to change her and he hopes that today showed Hope something. He believes that Hope is still the woman she loved. Liam kisses Hope. The two give each other awkward looks.

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