B&B Tuesday Update 3/25/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/25/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt continues to prepare for his presentation. He tells Aly that she wins. She will always win because she can do whatever she wants as long as she is a Forrester. Wyatt has to work for what he has. Wyatt does not want her in the meeting as this is for the heads of the company. Aly sits down. Hope comes in and says she is a little nervous. Aly asks what Wyatt is having her do. Hope is shocked to see Aly back. Aly explains that she has to protect Hope.

Brooke and Donna discuss Ridge and Katie as RJ walks into the house. RJ wonders if he can play a video game. Brooke says sure but he has to do his homework first. RJ wants to do play for just an hour since Ridge always lets him play. He asks where Ridge is. Brooke says he is still at work. RJ cannot wait for him to get home, so they can play together.

Pam is shocked to see Liam at Forrester explaining that he is not supposed to be at this meeting for Wyatt. Liam is not here for that. Pam tells Liam that they all still love him. Pam loves him because he is not Wyatt. He points out that is not her regular problem. Pam tells Liam that Hope is going to be doing the bedroom line.

Quinn asks what Aly is doing at the meeting. Wyatt has no idea. Rick and Caroline talk briefly. Rick asks if they are waiting for Ridge. Wyatt thought that Rick was the one in charge of the meeting. Wyatt unveils a cut-out of Hope in a bra and underwear. Aly is shocked.

Brooke explains that Ridge is not coming home. RJ asks if Ridge is fighting with him. Brooke explains no, things just turned out differently than they wanted.

Pam peeks into the door and she believes Wyatt is showing slides. She explains that this works much better with her stethoscope but Charlie borrowed it to listen in on his neighbors who may be stealing cable, as if they are listening to an English accent they clearly did not pay for. Liam mentions that people on PBS have English accents. Pam decides she better call Charlie. Liam stops her and asks how long this has been going on. Pam knows that Bill tried to relaunch Brooke's Bedroom but it didn't work. Liam knows that Hope will never do this line. Pam believes that Hope has changed with Wyatt. Pam explains that all girls change into bad girls. Liam would never have pushed Hope into this. Pam knows probably not. Pam believes that people sometimes need a little push in the right direction.

Wyatt explains that Brooke's Bedroom was the most popular line. It gave people the chance to own clothes that were reasonably priced. Maya remembers herself being able to buy those clothes. Wyatt believes that the line should show a different side when it comes to sexuality. Aly says no. Eric tells her to let him finish.

Brooke wishes that she could make a decision and stick with it. She feels that she is always giving in. Donna does not think that she is making sense. Brooke takes another drink of vodka and Donna points out that it isn't water. Brooke knows. Brooke asks for Donna not to look at her that way. Donna does not think it is like her to drink this early in the day. Brooke is going through a crisis right now. Brooke wonders if Ridge does not like the way she says things. Donna is not liking the way she sounds. She reminds that Brooke has a famous smile.

Liam is happy that Aly told Hope off. Pam explains that Aly sometimes goes too far. Liam knows that Aly's mother died but does not know how. Pam explains that she was in a hit and run. Liam hopes that the person who hit her is in jail. Pam tells him to ask Steffy that.

Hope puts on a different outfit for Wyatt. He believes she has a different look about her. She is not seducing people; she is natural. Darla appears to Aly and tells her that she needs to save this bedroom. Wyatt would like to call this Hope's bedroom. Rick explains this would be a design element. Carter wonders what he would be doing for the line. Wyatt would like to be involved because he thought of it. Aly wants to know what Hope thinks of it. Wyatt tells her that she is fine with it. Aly wants to hear what Hope says. Hope says she would like the line. Aly cannot believe that Hope is considering this.

Brooke looks out the window and takes another drink. Brooke is worried that RJ is heartbroken. Donna thinks he is a pretty happy kid. Brooke explains that she was just like him but she was secretly sad. Brooke wanted to be a mother and a wife and a successful businesswoman. She has done all those things but she guesses she can't do that forever. She knows people are upset for one reason or another. She doesn't even want to be with her this time. She takes another sip.

Pam really needs more than one stethoscope. Liam thinks whatever Hope and Wyatt have is not the same as what he had. He knows that Hope will never do that.

Aly reminds her that Hope was ashamed for Brooke. Hope wants to do the line. She believes that Hope's Bedroom could be great for the company and her line. Aly believes that this is a disgrace to the company. She asks if Stephanie would agree to this. Rick tells Aly that Stephanie didn't always get her way. Aly tells Hope not to say yes just to make him happy. Hope thinks she could be. Aly believes that Hope used to know the difference between right and wrong. She is begging her not to do this. Wyatt asks that Aly be removed from the meeting. He tells her to leave.

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