B&B Monday Update 3/24/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/24/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke is passed out on the floor. Rick walks in talking on the phone with Eric saying that he should have taken some more time off. Rick notices Brooke is passed out and runs over to see her. He looks scared.

Wyatt kisses Hope's neck to wake her up. She gets freaked out because she thinks that she is late for a meeting. Wyatt tells her she has a few hours and Hope agrees. The two kiss each other passionately.

Aly cuts out pictures of Hope as Thorne walks in. Aly is so happy to see him. Thorne explains that he wanted to see her. Aly knows that Eric called him and that is why he is here. She knows that he is worried.

When Eric shows up at the Forrester store, Quinn is happy to see him. He explains that he wanted to see how the installation was going. Quinn tells him that it is going great and his wife would be happy about how it looks.

Aly knows that it is true. Thorne tells Aly that it is true, he did call him. Aly explains that she took a stand. Thorne tells her that Eric and Rick know what they are doing. Aly tells him that Darla told her otherwise. Thorne says that Darla has not been alive for a while. Aly says that she wants her to put an end to Forrester Creations.

Wyatt tells Hope that she looks hot. Wyatt wants to get Hope looking like this in public. Hope laughs at the idea. Wyatt thinks it is good business sense.

Rick tells Brooke to wake up. He asks what she is doing here. Brooke sits up and explains that she took a cab here but she does not know what happened. She must have fallen asleep. She explains that she was drinking. Rick can see that and knows why.

Thorne asks what Darla wants Aly to do. Aly is supposed to get rid of the filth, in other words, Wyatt. She is supposed to save Hope. Thorne tells her that she does not have to do that. Aly asks if he remembers giving Aly a locket. Thorne does. Aly always listens to Darla when she gives advice. Thorne knows that but does not think that Darla would tell her that. Aly thinks that Thorne must not know her that well then.

Hope would feel very weird having her body on display like that. Plus she does not think that they have that much time with the Stephanie Forrester jewelry line. Wyatt thinks it is the perfect thing to do. Hope remembers being a child and going to school with people knowing what Brooke looked like half-naked. She does not know what it would be like to show herself naked. Wyatt thinks it would be perfect.

Rick gives Brooke a glass of water. Rick asks how much she drank. Brooke does not know. She asks how Rick knew. Rick explains that Bill told him. He says that Bill was worried about him. Rick assumed that she was sleeping at home and had no idea that Brooke would be here. Rick says that Katie and Ridge are only together because they want payback. Brooke does not know what to believe. Rick cannot believe that Ridge is doing this again and now to her own sister. Rick hugs Brooke.

Eric decides he better get to the office. He asks if Quinn is going to the meeting. Quinn says yes, she is.

Aly tells Thorne that when she was given this locket, he was supposed to get married to Darla. Aly believes that the two of them have so much love for the Forrester family, and Hope needs to be kept out of trouble.

Wyatt mentions that Hope is older and not the same girl she was when she started the company. Hope does know this but she is not sure. She explains that she now sees her mother as a different person and it is something that only she would be able to see well, her and Rick and Bridget. Wyatt wonders if Hope is considering it. Hope knows that she could do it and she would do it. She wants to do it. Hope feels like she has always wanted to separate herself from her mother but she wants to do it. Wyatt is happy because he already has the launch campaign in the works. Wyatt is happy that Aly is not working at Forrester anymore, because now they will not have to deal with anyone. Hope feels bad about that. Wyatt tells her not to.

Wyatt is in the Forrester office and thinks this is all great because they can get the photo launch started right away. Aly asks what that was all about. Wyatt explains that he is working on something. He wonders why she is here. Aly explains that she works here. Wyatt thought she quit. Wyatt tells her that he has a meeting to set up for. Aly tells him she will be in the meeting and he better not try to do anything disgraceful to this company. Wyatt explains to her that what she thinks is a disgrace is probably not to others. Wyatt tells her not to stay but she wants to. Wyatt says he was warned. Aly tells herself that she is Hope's shadow, and she will protect her.

Brooke does not want anything happening. Rick says that he treats her like garbage. Brooke believes she deserves it after what she did to Katie. Brooke is sorry. She starts to cry.

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