B&B Wednesday Update 3/19/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/19/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge and Katie, who are wearing nothing under a blanket, kiss passionately in bed.

Brooke walks into the Forrester mansion and whispers for Eric or Aly. She sees Stephanie's portrait.

Bill walks into Rick's office and tells Rick they have something important to deal with. He asks if Rick knows. Bill tells Rick that this is about Ridge. Rick wants to know what is wrong with Ridge and it better not be what he is thinking it is. Bill explains he is thinking right. Rick cannot believe this and pushes something. Rick knows that Ridge believes Brooke did something unforgivable again, what is it this time. Bill tells him it's Katie.

Brooke walks over to Stephanie's photo and explains that she left to soon and she needs her. If she was here Stephanie would tell her what to do. She would scare some sense into her and she was always right. Brooke drinks some more. She wishes that Stephanie was around when Bill and her were hooking up. Brooke asks if she has heard the news about Katie and Ridge. Brooke could not do it. She could not be the Forrester matriarch that Stephanie wanted her to be. She has failed her and let her down.

Bill tells Rick that Brooke is not going to answer she wants to be alone. Rick wonders what he is supposed to do then. Bill tells him to go over there tomorrow and bring something for a hang over. Rick cannot believe Ridge did this. Bill thinks this is typical Ridge. Rick knows she should not have trusted him. Bill explains that Katie faked the ceremony. Rick will not let Ridge do this to her mother.

Katie thinks this is so crazy. Katie wonders if Ridge has really been hiding in front of her, her entire life. Ridge explains that he has learned a lot since his trip to Paris. He has learned that he cannot live in the past. The only thing he can do now is worry about her. Katie wonders if he has any fears or regrets. Ridge thinks they can try to live without them.

Brooke slams a glass on the table and sits down and pours another drink. Brooke wonders if Stephanie would have approved of Ridge and Katie because Katie is so different. So good. Brooke knows that Stephanie saw the good in her towards the end. Brooke knows that Stephanie cared about her. She thinks of times that Stephanie and her were happy together up until the end. Brooke says that Stephanie made her believe that she belonged after all those years she finally felt accepted but now it is all gone. Now that Ridge is with Katie she is not here to help her fight. Brooke misses her so much and cries more and takes another drink.

Rick believes that Ridge should have stayed away. Rick believes that Brooke was just finally starting to find her way after years of going back and forth with marriage. Bill thinks that Ridge is using both Brooke and Katie. Rick knows not to treat a woman like this even from a young age. Bill tells Rick they are going to see to it that Brooke deserves better. He is going to help Rick make sure that Brooke gives up on Ridge for good.

Brooke and Katie continue to kiss passionately in bed.

Brooke pours another glass and can barely hold on to it. She continues to cry.

Ridge is on top of Katie and grabs on to her leg as the kiss in bed.

Brooke looks up holds on to her drink. She looks at Stephanie and holds the bottle. She drinks more from her glass and gets up.

Katie and Ridge kiss more in bed.

Rick thought so many times that Brooke had finally given up on Ridge. Bill thinks that this needs to stop. He knows that Ridge wants to love for a moment and change his direction. Rick does not know if Brooke will ever go back to Bill but he does know that Bill has been a better man than Ridge.

Katie says that this has been an amazing night. Katie does not want to let go of this. Ridge tells her to look at this moment right now. Katie is not good at living in the moment. Ridge tells her that she can learn.

Brooke pours more. Brooke hears Stephanie's voice and then remembers Stephanie telling her that she needs to do good for other people and to be a better woman than she was. She knows that Brooke can. Brooke could not do it. She could not be the head of the family. Brooke knew Stephanie was right from the beginning. She was the slut from the valley. She touches Stephanie's photo and falls to ground passed out.

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