B&B Tuesday Update 3/18/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/18/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie says hello to Ridge who just comes in. Katie asks if he saw Brooke and how it went. Ridge explains it was complicated. Katie knows she wants him back. Ridge tells her she made it clear. Katie asks what he said.

Brooke takes a drink of wine and Bill walks in. He is surprised to have got her call. Brooke wants Bill to do something about Katie. Bill thinks something must be wrong. Brooke explains that Bill is about to be shocked.

Aly would not care about Wyatt at all if he was not a part of that company. Eric explains that Wyatt is in the business and that Aly needs to look at things like that. Aly just cannot do that. Eric explains that that Aly needs to learn to act on her actions and to grow up a bit. Eric hugs Aly.

Hope and Wyatt kiss each other passionately. Wyatt thought that was one wild meeting. Wyatt knows that he did steel the diamond. He asks if Eric is permanently upset with him. Hope says no as long as Wyatt works really hard and does nothing to upset him. Wyatt wonders about Aly. Hope is angry at her but at the same time confused and worried but also feels for her. She hates the way that Aly expresses herself right now but that she usually is a very sweet person.

Brooke explains that Katie was asked to be her maid of honor and now it all makes sense to why Katie said no so many times. Bill asks what this has to do with anything. Brooke tells him that Katie faked all of this. Katie did this to stop her marriage. Brooke tells Bill that Katie has fallen in love with Ridge. Bill is shocked.

Katie says Donna stopped by earlier to tell her that RJ won some sort of a soccer trophy. Ridge explains he did. Katie knows that Brooke probably told him that he needs to be there for RJ. Ridge tells Katie she did not get to him.

Wyatt looks at a piece of jewelry. Hope explains that her life has changed so much since she met him. Wyatt hopes that is a good thing. Hope believes that he found the woman she was supposed to be, the future her. Wyatt just helped her see that she does not need to be manipulated by other men. Wyatt is not going to jeopardize anything. She is going to get the best of him.

Brooke was laughing about it. She pours another drink. Bill asks why this would even happen. Brooke explains that they have been reading poetry and having a debate on their deceptive mates. Brooke tells Bill they actually said Katie and Bill are together now. Bill believes that Ridge is the loser that he said he was.

Ridge tells Katie that he does not want to fail RJ in anyway. He tells her that Brooke said that he had to end this and to tell her right away. Ridge kisses Katie passionately and Katie smiles.

Wyatt kisses Hope. Hope asks how she is supposed to concentrate. Wyatt tells her she is not. Hope and Wyatt continue to kiss.

Aly goes into her bedroom and throws her pillows on the ground. She then hears a voice. Darla appears as a ghost. Aly smiles and says hello.

Katie asks what they do now. Katie asks if he wants a glass of wine. Ridge says he is good. Katie does not want things to go to fast. Ridge asks what her heart is telling her. Katie says that she should stop talking. The two walk to her bedroom.

Brooke will not let Bill talk badly about Ridge. Bill explains that she can't defend a guy who doesn't want her anymore. Brooke wonders if this is karma. She now knows how it hurts to be on the other side of a break up thanks to another woman and it hurts. She starts to cry and Bill hugs her.

Aly explains that she does not get how people think that Wyatt is so great. She thinks that Wyatt has Hope under a spell. She wonders if she does not get this world because money is the only thing people care about. Darla tells Aly that the Forrester's need her.

Brooke tells Bill not to touch her. Bill hate seeing Brooke like this over a guy who does things like this to her. Bill cannot believe that Ridge would do these things. Bill tells Brooke to let them have each other and to come back to him. Brooke wants to be alone. Bill does not think that is a bad idea. Brooke says to respect her wishes and go. Bill will leave but she is to call if she needs him. Brooke says she will be fine. Bill believes this is a gift and they should take it. He then leaves. Brooke sits down and is angry. She drinks more and takes a deep breath.

Ridge and Katie kiss passionately by candle light. Ridge takes Katie's shirt off and they continue to kiss passionately. Katie has Ridge follow her over to the bed. Katie wraps her arms around Ridge and she smiles. The two kiss again. Ridge takes his shirt off and the two move their hands around each others bodies. The two go down on the bed and continue to kiss.

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