B&B Monday Update 3/17/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/17/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke tells Ridge they are going to repair this starting today. She believes if they have done it before they can do it again. Ridge cannot deny this. Brooke informs him that RJ wants him home and it is not like him to abandon his son.

Donna wants to know what has happened to Katie. Katie says she has fallen in love and there is nothing wrong with it. Donna understands that Ridge is amazing but that Brooke is Ridge's woman. Donna asks if Katie is ready to fight for a man against Brooke.

Aly informs Eric that a crime was committed and now two men are in jail for a crime they did not do. Eric asks if Pam know about this. Pam explains she does and Aly is correct for the most part. Eric asks if Rick know about this. Hope also knows. Eric is mad that he was not told about this. Quinn explains they were trying to protect him. Eric tells them all this is his company. Eric has been the head of this business for over fifty years. Rick understands. Eric tells Rick to never do this again. Eric would like to know why he was not told. Hope explains that if this got out that the line could get hurt. Aly believes that her own integrity was lost because of Wyatt.

Donna tells Katie that they are a couple just like her and Bill. Katie tells her that she will never be one with Bill again. She is in love with Ridge and she would like a future with him.

Brooke is not discounting his feelings for Katie but she is not going to be with him. Brooke understands that a lot of blame has been passed around. Ridge tells her that she sounds like a CEO. Brooke explains in this house she is. They need to get things back to normal because she knows that he is longing for her as much as she is longing for him.

Eric wants to know what Wyatt has to say. Wyatt explains Aly is correct. He thought he could help the line. He would never do it again. He says he is ashamed. Wyatt then corrects himself and explains he is not. He got publicity and it helped. He is ready though for what ever Eric has to say. Eric cannot believe that he said nothing. Wyatt tells him that before Forrester their lives were very different. He was just working to pay the bills and Wyatt understands that this is no excuse. If they go to the police he will take full responsibility and no one else needs to be blamed.

Donna tells her that she can compete with anyone but that Brooke is Ridge's woman. Katie believes that it might have started as a bond but that Ridge loves her. Donna wonders if Ridge still loves her. She asks if Ridge is truly done with Brooke.

Ridge seems like all they ever do is fix their love life. Brooke believes a successful marriage is not about problems but growing. Brooke misses Ridge. She misses everything about him. The feel of his skin, the touch. She knows that he misses it too.

Eric tells him that he put the whole company in a whole lot of damage. Aly believes that Wyatt has destroyed this company as well as everyone else in this room. Hope tells Aly that he was punished from her. Aly believes that the only decision should be to call the police and have them both arrested. Rick says he will handle this. Rick explains that what Wyatt has done is an embarrassment. He has to question if Wyatt is even the right person for his sister.

Katie believes that Ridge is committed to her. Donna explains that Ridge has promised that a million times. Katie says that she inspires him and makes him happy. Katie knows that she might be fooling herself but she can give him herself.

Brooke wonders if the spark is gone. Ridge says that there will never be a woman like her. Brooke believes that there will never be another romance like theirs. Ridge says he is going to Katie's though. He no longer wants to do this. He does not want complications. Ridge tells Brooke they will love their son and raise him together but this no longer works for him. Brooke tells him that they will make it work.

Hope tells Rick that her relationship has nothing to do with this right now. Aly believes that Wyatt should not be in the business at all. Wyatt is sincerely sorry for all of this. He wanted to put the line front and center where it belongs. Wyatt will go to jail. Rick says that no one will be calling the police. No one outside of this room will speak of this. Aly cannot believe this. Aly thinks that he is evil and is controlling. She does not want to shadow Hope anymore. She quits. She hates Wyatt so much and calls him mister popular. They all look confused.

Brooke knows that he does not want to hurt Katie but he will come back. Ridge is not coming back. Brooke believes they need to have some time together and connect. Brooke understands that he is caught up in something but Katie will not make him happy. Ridge believes that Katie can give her honesty. Brooke can give him that too. Brooke tells Ridge not to give up on them. Ridge has given up it is done. His heart is with Katie now. Brooke asks how he can say that. Ridge is going home to Katie. Ridge says this is no longer where he belongs. He is sorry. Brooke hugs Ridge and cries

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