B&B Friday Update 3/14/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/14/14


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge kisses Katie before asking her how things went once he left. Katie tells Ridge that he has to know that Brooke will never accept this. Ridge says Brooke is going to have to accept it, because his future is with her. Katie smiles and they share a kiss.

Brooke insists she's not going to let Katie destroy her family. Brooke accuses Katie of wanting to be her just like she wanted when she was little.

Carter, Eric, and Rick figure out how to present the Stephanie Forrester jewelry collection to the world. Carter feels security is critical after what happened with the diamond. Eric wonders why Hope and Wyatt aren't at this meeting when it was their idea to do this.

Wyatt and Hope continue worrying over if Aly will go to the cops. When Wyatt says they have to tell Eric the truth about the heist, Hope doesn't look happy.  Quinn continues threatening to throw Aly off the bridge for being a threat to Wyatt's future. Aly manages to free herself and tells Quinn that she is not afraid of her. She is determined to tell her grandfather the truth and get Quinn and her son fired for good. Quinn looks livid as she follows after Aly.

Donna tells Brooke that's not what she thinks it is with Katie and Ridge. Brooke says whatever it is she has to stop it. She says R.J. has been through too much to lose his dad, and Ridge belongs with her and their son. Donna asks Brooke what she's going to do.

Katie brings him some wine, and Ridge shows her a sketch he made while she was gone. Ridge talks about doing a collection on Katie. Katie asks if he talked to Brooke about that. Ridge says he doesn't want to talk about Brooke and proceeds to kiss Katie. Ridge's phone rings and Katie notices it's Brooke. Ridge tells her to leave it but Katie says it could be about R.J. Ridge answers the phone. Brooke uses R.J. as an excuse to call Ridge over. Brooke tells Donna that she's going to fight for R.J. and their family, and she won't lose.

When Hope and Wyatt finally arrive, Eric asks them if they need to be filled in about what they discussed so far. Noting that Hope looks pale, Rick asks her if everything is okay. Hope says it's not, and they need to control this before it gets out of control. Eric is in the process of asking her what's wrong when Aly rushes in with Quinn and Pam, both trying to stop her. Eric intervenes and asks Aly what's wrong. Aly tells him that Wyatt was the one who stole the diamond and that Quinn attacked her when she was trying to go to the police. Eric is shocked and asks Aly to calm down, so he can listen to her. He tells her to tell him everything she knows or everything she thinks she knows, and then he'd like to hear from everyone else. Raising his voice, he screams that he doesn't like this, and he doesn't like being kept in the dark, especially not when it has to do with his company. Rick, Hope, and Wyatt look worried in the background over Eric's reaction to the news of the heist, and it being kept secret from him. When Hope orders Aly to put what happened in the past, Aly looks disgusted at her and how she's defending Wyatt without any concern for anything else.

Ridge hesitates to leave and Katie warns him about what he'll be walking into. She says he has to know Brooke won't give up easily. Ridge says he knows that but eventually she will. He just has to let her know that he'll be there for R.J., but he'll always be coming home to Katie. Ridge asks Katie to walk him to the door and they share another kiss before he reluctantly goes to see Brooke. Katie looks worried as the door closes.

Brooke tells Donna her plans to entice Ridge to come back home by wearing a new dress and looking her best. She downplays Ridge's feelings for Katie. No matter what, Ridge always comes back to her, because he has never wanted any woman more than he wants her. Donna wishes Brooke good luck in winning Ridge back before she leaves a determined Brooke behind.

Aly throws a temper tantrum and demands that Wyatt and Quinn be fired after telling Wyatt that he's evil and she hates him.

Donna proves herself to be a hypocrite when she yells at Katie for snatching Brooke's husband while she failed to do the same when Brooke went after Bill.

Ridge goes to visit Brooke and realizes what she's up to as soon as she brings out champagne and shows him her dress. Brooke tells Ridge that if he thinks she's going to let him leave her for Katie he's wrong. She wants him there with her and her son and strokes his face while Ridge looks back at her quietly.

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