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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/13/14


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Aly asks Hope to give her her phone back so that she can call the police, but Hope says she can't let her do that. Aly asks Hope how come she doesn't seem surprised to hear about the false jewelry heist Wyatt pulled. Aly realizes Hope knew and is deeply disappointed in her. Hope tells Aly it's in the past now and she can't tell anyone about it, but Aly screams that Wyatt can't be allowed to get away with this.

Donna says it's ridiculous that Katie and Ridge could want to be with one another, but Brooke says it's true. Donna says they can't be real feelings but Brooke says they are, Katie and Ridge are in love or so they think.

Wyatt and Liam talk about Hope and their lives at the moment with Wyatt relishing in his success while Liam is down on his luck. Wyatt says nothing and no one can ruin things for him now, but Liam tells him to just keeping being his arrogant, smug self and soon enough everything he has will crumble around him.

Aly angrily asks Hope why she's protecting Wyatt. Hope says Wyatt did it for her and Forrester; it was a publicity stunt. Hope tells Aly she can't tell anyone about this but Aly says she's lost her way and she can help her be herself again. When Charlie expresses disappointment in Pam for telling Aly about the heist, Pam tells him she didn't tell Aly anything leaving Charlie worried. Quinn arrives and starts talking down to Liam and Liam retorts by saying the both of them are on their way down to flames; it's just a matter of time.

Hope tries to reason with Aly but Aly tells her she's brainwashed by Wyatt. Aly disagrees that Wyatt won't ever do something like this again. She says he's a criminal and he needs to go to jail. Hope doesn't look happy to hear that.

Donna remains in disbelief over Katie and Ridge being in love. Brooke tells Donna that Katie faked fainting to stop her and Ridge's wedding. Donna is shocked to hear that. Brooke expresses anger at Katie for being her sister and doing this to her. She says but she's not giving up. She says she's not going to hand Ridge over to Katie. Donna thinks maybe Katie is ill and needs to go back on her medicines because she's not herself. Brooke says maybe she does but she insisted she knows what she's doing. Donna says well Katie is setting herself up to be heartbroken because Ridge always comes back to Brooke no matter what. Brooke agrees and says deep down Katie must know that. She says and if she doesn't then she'll find out very soon.

Quinn and Wyatt fail to take Liam's warnings seriously while Pam tells Charlie that Aly tricked him into revealing the truth to her. Charlie worries over what Aly is going to do now that she knows the truth.

Aly tells Hope again that they can't let Wyatt get away with this. Hope tells Aly that she gets that she cares for her but she cant' tell anyone about this. Aly asks who else knows. Hope says a few people and Aly says and none of them care. Hope says if this got out it would be catastrophic for the company and Eric and it would end Hope For The Future. Aly says Hope For The Future ended when Wyatt came into her life and it's no longer what it used to be. She tells Hope she's let Wyatt pollute her life and her message. Hope tells Aly it's her life not hers so she can choose who she wants to be with. When Aly continues to say that Wyatt is bad for her and Liam was the one she should have chosen, Hope asks Aly what is really going on with her catching Aly off guard. Aly tells Hope that if she won't stop Wyatt then she will and runs out. Hope panics and calls Wyatt to tell him that Aly knows everything and Quinn hears it and says she's going to stop that “brat” and runs after Aly.

Donna and Brooke accuse Katie of being selfish and not considering how this would affect R.J. R.J rushes home and tells Brooke he was named MVP for his soccer team. He runs up to tell Ridge while Donna and Brooke exchange upset glances. Brooke accuses Katie of doing this for revenge.

Hope and Wyatt worry over what Aly is going to do. Wyatt accuses Liam of telling Aly but Hope says Liam would never do that. Hope says that Aly was furious when she left and Wyatt goes pale because he's seen that side of Aly before. Hope and Wyatt continue worrying over Aly.

Quinn catches up to Aly and tells her that if this gets out it will hurt everyone. Aly say she's doing everyone a favor. Aly says that Wyatt is going to pay for his crimes. Quinn says the hell he will. Quinn tells Aly that she will do everything to protect her son. Aly says she's not afraid of her and Quinn holds Aly off the edge of the bridge and threatens to push her off leaving Aly paralyzed in fear.

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