B&B Wednesday Update 3/12/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/12/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope and Wyatt kiss as Aly looks into the door. Wyatt wants to lock the door without even knowing about it but Hope tells him that things should be fine.

Aly walks away from the door. Quinn knows that Charlie and Pam are watching her and that it is not Charlie's job to be watching her. Quinn tells them that her position is permanent.

Hope believes that she would be a distraction for what Wyatt has to do. Hope tells him that she is sorry but she has to work. Wyatt says to call later. Liam walks in and wonders if he could possibly have a moment alone with her.

Pam thinks that it is not right that Quinn does not think they have the right to be suspicious. Pam gets a message to go down stairs but does not want to. Aly walks over to say hello to Charlie. Aly asks if she can be honest with him. Aly asks of Charlie knows what Wyatt did.

Quinn is so sick of the attitude around here. She believes that Pam is having a fit about things even though they have made money for the company. Wyatt says not to tell Aly because she will blame Wyatt in some way for it in a negative light.

Liam asks if she is sorry that he told her about Brooke. Hope says no not at all and that she is glad that the two of them can still talk together about things. Liam is glad to hear that because he has something to say about Wyatt. Hope tells him that before he starts in on Wyatt. Liam knows that he went to Paris with her. Liam asks if they are living together. Hope tells him not yet. Liam believes that Hope will want someone that gives her more than just headlines.

Quinn believes that Wyatt is putting a lot of pressure on himself. Wyatt needs this to be perfect and Aly is not going to be ok with it. Quinn mentions that Eric loves the idea though compared to Aly. Wyatt wonders if they present the collection in the right way they may be able to win them over. Wyatt believes that handing down these jewels from generation to generation could possibly be a good idea.

Aly knows that Charlie knows the truth about them. Aly knows that Wyatt is hurting Hope. Aly thought that Wyatt was funny at first and they had just acted and she was treated as a friend. Charlie did not think he was going to have to watch the guy who brought the diamond into Forrester. Charlie had to stand next to the display case looking like an idiot. Charlie tells Aly about the fake heist and Aly gets freaked out saying that he should not get away with that. Aly thinks Wyatt needs to learn actions have consequences. Charlie explains the thieves were in the wrong place at the wrong time. He tells her that the crime must have a reason and Aly knows it was for the line. Aly knows that Wyatt is not just selfish and corrupt but also a criminal.

Wyatt tells Quinn that if Aly says anything to the public about them that the line could be in trouble thanks to her. Quinn tells him that Aly needs to be stopped them. Quinn tells him that he does not need something bad to happen to him again.

Liam does not think that Wyatt is who he thinks he is. Liam believes that she needs to look at him in a different light. Hope knows that Aly blames Wyatt for changing her line but in reality Wyatt saved it. Hope is sorry that Aly is disappointed that the line is different but she is proud of what she had done in the present. Liam understands where Aly is coming from. Liam does not like that Wyatt does not get her the way that he gets her. Liam shows a new magazine article on Hope. Hope loves the tribute and reads some of it out loud. Hope knows that Liam wrote that. Liam does not believe that Wyatt saved the collection or the diamond. It was Hope who brought it back better than ever. Liam is going to be here for her no matter what. Liam leaves and Hope looks over the magazine a little bit more.

Wyatt looks over the designs. Liam walks into the office and asks if he is working on his new project. Wyatt could care less if he talks to Hope. Wyatt tells Liam that he is not going to lose Hope. Liam knows that Wyatt is just a savior in Hopes mind right now. Wyatt tells Liam that he is very grateful for all he has right now. Liam tells Wyatt that his lack of integrity is going to show up sooner than later.

Charlie tells Pam they need to talk. Charlie say they need to not keep secrets. Pam asks if he has been snooping through her computer because the pictures are Donna's. Charlie says that it was about Aly and her telling the secret.

Hope tells Aly that what she does with Wyatt in private is her own business. Aly tells Hope that Wyatt stole the diamond. Aly starts to call the police. Hope tells her not to tell anyone because no one can know.

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