B&B Tuesday Update 3/11/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/11/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke tells Katie not to say sorry as there is nothing to say sorry about. She knows that Katie was vulnerable and Ridge was there. This will not go forward. Katie believes that it already has. Brooke believes she is doing this only to get back at her.

Rick says that this is all up to Eric. Hope believes that it is a good idea. Caroline loves the idea. Aly thinks this is a terrible idea. Wyatt says this is a great publicity move. Caroline does not know how it would be a bad idea. Aly believes Stephanie would hate this. Rick wants to know what Eric's opinion is. Eric says that this would be a terrible idea to exploit her. Stephanie was proud of the collection because of Eric giving her about what is being done. Eric believes if Stephanie was here that she would say yes if it meant it would help the company that her family is a part of then she would more than definitely say yes. They all clap at Eric's answer.

Brooke does not think that Ridge and her are even real. Katie explains this not some fantasy but something real. Katie believes this is more than real. Katie cannot believe that everyone still thinks of her as being someone that needs to be protected but not Ridge he treats her like an adult. Brooke believes that the love story will never end. Brooke thinks that Katie is even crazy to think that it will. Brooke does not want to see Katie in pain.

Wyatt believes they keep it simple and let the jewelry speak for itself. Aly smirks. She believes that this line should not even be called Hope for the future. Hope remembers what the line stands for and believes that it still stands. Aly asks what this display will do for it. Eric believes that it works. Hope tells Aly that the diamond is different than the Stephanie collection. Eric tells them all this meeting is over. Hope asks if Wyatt and her talk to him. Hope tells Eric that Aly tried to fire Wyatt and she is becoming very aggressive.

Aly does not like Wyatt or Quinn. Pam tells her that they are not to be trusted. Aly wants to know what she knows. Pam says they will talk later. Quinn comes over and says she is fighting a losing battle. Quinn knows that her grandfather will not all this to last much longer.

Katie does not think this is some school girl crush. Brooke believes she feels these things for all the wrong reasons. Katie has been able to get through things because of Ridge. Katie has not made love with him but they have been intimate. Brooke knows she is doing this for payback. She ruined her wedding because of this. She believes this is sick and it will not work.

Aly does not want to talk to Quinn. Quinn knows she does not because she is the voice of truth. She tells her to stop fighting her son. Aly cannot let Wyatt hurt this company.

Hope does not know what is going on with Aly. She has tried to be sweet and has tried everything but it is not working. Eric believes that this is not going to work and that she needs to be left alone.

Quinn wonders what she hates about Wyatt. Aly believes he is poison. Pam comes over and asks what is going on. Quinn says they are having a conversation. Eric calls Pam and Quinn in.

Eric tells Aly that she has to respect opinions and she has to respect Wyatt as well.

Katie knows what she has done is not her. She believes that she would follow her heart. Brooke believes Ridge is a romantic. Brooke believes that Katie is doing this all wrong. Brooke knows this is retaliation and she knows that Katie knows it.

Eric tells Pam that Aly is getting worst. Pam knows. Eric does not think an intern should be doing these kind of things. He does not want to call Thorne yet but he needs to keep Aly's problem a secret. Pam believes that Aly needs to stay away from Hope and Wyatt.

Hope wonders what is wrong with Aly. Wyatt thinks that Hope should move in with him. Hope says someday. She has too much on her mind right now to worry about. Wyatt just wants Hope to think about this. Aly is listening at the door.

Katie says that she has no plans to change anything with RJ. Katie does not think that Brooke needs to be with a man for a while. She knows that Brooke can not do that so she might as well go back to Bill. Brooke thinks that is crazy to have them all mixed up raising children. Brooke thinks this must be her coming out party after all the years of her being in the shadow of Brooke. Brooke thinks Katie is a hypocrite. Katie thinks she is right because she learned it from Brooke. Brooke cannot believe this. Katie has fallen in love with Ridge. She did not take him from her. Brooke tells Katie this is a warning. Katie tells Brooke to take her seriously. Brooke does not think she will get away with this. Katie says they will see. Brooke does not want Katie to have this kind of rejection. Katie says her heart is not weak. She has Storm's heat so Brooke does not have to worry about her.

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