B&B Monday Update 3/10/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/10/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope and Wyatt kiss passionately in the steam room. Hope explains to him that they are going to be late for the meeting. Wyatt knows but he does not care and Hope knows this. Hope tells him that they seriously have to go. Hope believes he can break free. Wyatt thinks of all the times he has spent with Hope so far.

Brooke does not know what is wrong with Katie for her to think that Ridge would leave Brooke for her. Brooke tells Ridge that. Ridge explains that Katie is telling the truth. Brooke gives him a confused look.

Aly tells Pam that Wyatt and Quinn are bad news and she knows that Pam knows this too. Aly explains they are all about money and ambition and they should not be here. Pam knows this but Hope loves Wyatt and that is why they are here. Aly wants to know what she knows about the two for Hope's sake. Hope and Wyatt burst into the office. Hope asks Aly if there is anything she would like to talk about. Aly does not think it makes a difference because Hope will not listen either way.

Quinn and Eric walk in and Quinn asks for a cup of tea. Pam points Quinn to the tea pot. Pam would like a cup as well. Rick and Caroline walk in soon after. Eric tells them all that it is a pleasure to work with all of them every day. Eric asks where Ridge and Brooke are. Eric explains that they are doing something right now.

Brooke thinks this is all a joke. Brooke thinks that maybe she deserves it. Katie says that this is not a joke. Brooke is shocked she asks if they are having an affair. Brooke believes this is crazy. She asks if this is because of Bill. She tells Katie that she said sorry a thousand times but this is just like Bill. Ridge does not believe this is the same thing. Brooke will not all this.

Wyatt believes that the Stephanie Forrester collection will be the next big thing for the line. Wyatt believes that this will drive people to Forrester. Hope loves that this is the a tribute to Stephanie. Wyatt would like to display these pieces at stores around the world. Caroline could fast track a few designs for the display. Aly says that this is a terrible idea.

Brooke cannot believe that Ridge thinks this is going to happen. Brooke asks if this is Katie's revenge. Katie does not believes this is revenge. She does not want to be Brooke. Ridge does not think this sounds crazy at all. Brooke asks about their life. She wants to know what is going to happen. Brooke tells them that this is crazy that Ridge would want a life with Katie. Ridge tells Brooke she is going to have to accept it. Brooke will never accept this ever.

Eric asks Aly what her concerns are. Aly believes these are personal jewels and they are un personal. Pam agrees. Aly believes Wyatt just wants personal publicity. Wyatt believes this is good for business. Aly wonders if Stephanie would want these to be shown for the world to obsess over. Wyatt believes this would show people the style and the grace that it would be a great idea. Pam believes that Stephanie would be mortified. Pam explains that if these jewels were to get stolen that they would never be able to be replaced. Aly thinks that Wyatt is an awful influence around here and tells Wyatt to take his mother and to leave them all alone.

Brooke cannot even wrap her head around this. She asks how he is in love with Katie. Ridge tells her that they just have spent a lot of time together. Katie tells her that they tried to pretend that this was never happening. Brooke is shocked to be losing Ridge to her sister.

Hope understands that Aly is trying to protect her and her family but she does not like this attitude. Wyatt has done nothing but bring them success and they are in a relationship and it is not going to change. Aly believes she has the right to express her opinion. Wyatt has nothing to add other than Eric gets the final say. Hope and Rick both agree.

Brooke tells Katie that she has values and morals and principals everything she is not. Ridge tells her that people change. Brooke refuses to believe that he does not love her. Ridge does love her but he does not want to be madly addicted to someone for a long period of time. Brooke does not want Ridge to give up everything for revenge. Brooke knows this is revenge and thinks that it is a good way to do it. Brooke would like to talk to Katie alone. Ridge says that nothing will change and he leaves. Katie tells her to say what ever she needs to say. Brooke will not let her get away with this.

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