B&B Friday Update 3/7/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/7/14


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke repeats to clarify and Katie says it again that she is in love with Ridge. Ridge keeps checking his phone at his office, and Hope asks him if there is anything from Katie or Brooke yet. Ridge says this is going to take some time. Hope says her mother is not going to accept this easily, to be honest she probably won't even believe it. Ridge says he should be there to help her explain but Hope thinks it's best that Katie and Brooke talk about this alone first. Brooke bursts out laughing at the thought of Katie loving Ridge, leaving Katie looking annoyed at her reaction.

Quinn and Wyatt catch up after his return from Paris. Quinn is psyched to know that Thorne liked the idea of the Stephanie Forrester collection. She says another successful collaboration. Wyatt says and it was another great adventure for Hope and him. He says it's amazing how it feels being with her because they work so well together. He says she trusts him and confides in him. Quinn says it feels good doesn't it, and Wyatt smiles and says it does.

Ridge explains to Hope that he cares for Brooke a lot but he has feelings for Katie. Ridge thanks Hope for letting him and Katie have time to figure things out. Hope says it wasn't easy but it was the right thing to do, not that her mother will agree. Brooke continues laughing her head off at the thought of Katie loving Ridge. Katie asks why she's laughing and Brooke makes it obvious she thinks Katie has a crush on Ridge. She finds it cute and says she has to tell Ridge. Katie says he already knows and Brooke says that must have been awkward to talk about. Laughing again, she asks what he said.

Wyatt tells his mother about Aly. He says that she's different, and she seems to have some idea about how Hope should be like a nun or something. Quinn pulls a face at that. Wyatt explains how when Aly walked in on them kissing she didn't say sorry and leave, instead she freaked out at them. Quinn asks if there is a problem but Wyatt says no. Hope just has a lot on her plate right now. Quinn accepts that and says it's a good thing Hope has him then. Wyatt says Hope is lucky and then decides to go find Hope and help her unwind. When Pam arrives, Quinn tells her that she's just the person she was looking for. She asks Pam to send Hope flowers from her to welcome her back home. She says to put it on her account because Eric won't mind. Pam smiles tightly but looks annoyed.

Hope tries to talk about work but Ridge can't focus. Hope asks if he wants to call them but Ridge says no he wants to go over there. He leaves the office saying that he can't let Katie do this on her own.

Brooke continues to treat Katie's confession of love as a confession of a minor crush on Ridge. She asks if Ridge let her down easy when she told him and says it's understandable for her to have a crush on him as many women get crushes on him easily. She says she knows they spent time together recently so it makes sense. Brooke says she's not mad at her for her crush on Ridge. Brooke tells Katie she's sorry if Ridge accidentally lead her on while being kind to her, she says men can be clueless like that. She says Katie is the last person she would be insecure about leaving Katie scoffing a little.

Pam expresses her disapproval of Wyatt's idea to display her sister's jewels in public. Quinn belittles Pam's opinion and threatens to send her back to Chicago. Pam warns Quinn to be nice to her because any time she wants she could go to the police with a certain security tape she has of Wyatt stealing the diamond. Quinn says she wouldn't dare do that but Pam says the moment Wyatt is no longer a Forrester employee and Hope stops caring for him, she'll make sure Wyatt is behind jail bars as fast as possible. Quinn gives her a venomous glare while Aly listens on in curiosity.

Wyatt and Hope make out in the steam room while Katie blows up on Brooke for basically insinuating that just because she's been with Ridge now no woman could ever be enough for him. She says that is why she's not believing her. Brooke continues to be blind and says she doesn't know what she is asking her to believe. When Katie tells her that she loves Ridge and that she faked her fainting at the wedding, Brooke starts to freak out and says that Ridge would never return these one-sided feelings. She said Ridge has only shown her compassion and warmth and not love. Ridge walks in and Brooke rushes over to him to help her make Katie see reason about how he really feels about her. Brooke expects Ridge to confirm he doesn't love Katie but Katie speaks first, saying she told Brooke but she doesn't want to accept it. Confused, Brooke looks at Ridge who is silent.

Aly talks to Pam about what she heard her and Quinn saying. Aly says that instinct tells her that Wyatt and Quinn are no good. Pam tells her to trust her instincts leaving Aly to ask her just what she means by that.

Hope and Wyatt continue making out in the steam room and enjoying relaxing together.

Brooke tells Katie not to embarrass herself like this, but Katie says she doesn't think she should leave until she realizes the truth. Brooke says she isn't going to hold this against her but she really thinks she needs time to realize that Ridge is her husband. Katie reminds her that she is not married to Ridge and hasn't been for a long time. Brooke starts to get worried when Katie says things have changed and she and Ridge expect more from the people they choose to spend their lives with. Brooke tells Katie that this is just ridiculous and asks Ridge to set Katie straight with the truth. When Ridge says nothing, Brooke keeps demanding for him to say it but starts to slowly go pale.

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