B&B Thursday Update 3/6/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/6/14


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Katie and Ridge wonder what Katie will say to Brooke when she arrives back home.

Brooke dreams about Ridge on the plane and smiles knowing she is coming home to him soon.

Hope and Wyatt talk on the plane and Hope tells him that she has a terrible feeling that she's done a terrible thing. Wyatt says that is terrible. Hope asks Wyatt to tell her if he feels she did something wrong. Wyatt says he pretty much never feels that way but okay. Hope reveals to Wyatt that she knows Katie stopped Brooke and Ridge's wedding on purpose. Wyatt is stunned but Hope makes him swear he'll never tell anyone else what she just told him. Wyatt says no one would believe him anyway. Hope tells Wyatt that the reason she brought her mother to Paris was so that Katie and Ridge could have some time to talk and figure out what they were going to do. She says she didn't want to see her mother get hurt again so she wanted them to sort things out before he married her again. Hope says she expected Katie and Ridge to come to their senses, but last night they told her that they want to be together. Wyatt asks Hope how this is her fault though. Hope says she wonders if she should have stayed out of it, if it would have been better for her mother to have Ridge for a week than to not have him at all. Sighing, Hope says this is going to break her mother's heart.

Ridge tells Katie that he still thinks he needs to talk to Brooke first. Katie tells Ridge that she's not going to hide behind him, she needs to face this on her own. Ridge says this is about a decision he made but Katie says they are in this together. She says that Brooke may never understand them and they'll have to live with that but if anyone should understand that love doesn't have to make sense it should be her sister. Ridge nods in response.

On the plane Brooke decides she wants to get married in court and asks Hope and Wyatt to be her witnesses. Hope and Wyatt tell Brooke that they can't commit to anything right now, trying to stop her from jumping too far ahead. Brooke says okay, it can wait for a while. She tells them that Katie asked her to come over as soon as she lands and Hope asks if she told her why. Brooke says no but it feels like they are close again. She laughs and says maybe Katie is making her breakfast. Hope exchanges a worried look with Wyatt.

Katie confesses to Ridge that she's scared. She says she's about to admit to her sister that she's guilty of everything she's accused her of over Bill. Ridge says she's not guilty of anything, they just have to admit that their feelings have changed. Katie says but she stopped his wedding and Ridge says he's glad for that making her smile. Katie asks where he'll be and Ridge says at the office probably, thinking of her every moment. Katie asks what if it's a disaster. Ridge says at the end of the day it really doesn't matter, it's just something that has to be done. They share a hug before Ridge leaves.

Hope arrives at Ridge's office and starts to question Ridge's feelings for Katie and chastises him for hurting her mother. Ridge tries to explain to Hope that Brooke has become that thing to him that you wait for so long and when you finally get it, something inside you changes and you no longer want it anymore. Hope tells Ridge that he can't be sure he loves Katie yet, it hasn't been that long but Ridge says it doesn't matter how long he's known her. Hope asks Ridge how what he's done is any different than what Bill did to Katie, leaving Ridge looking irritated.

Brooke arrives at Katie's. Brooke asks Katie about her health and worries over her after her fainting at the wedding but Katie starts to reveal the truth to her by saying what she thinks happened didn't happen.

Angry, Ridge asks Hope how he is like Bill. Hope says he trades his wife for her sister. Ridge sets it straight that Brooke is not his wife. Ridge also admits that after what she and Bill did he just can't look at her the same anymore. Hope continues berating him about Katie being guilty, but Ridge finally tells her not to talk about Katie. He says she tried as hard as she could to put him and Brooke back together until she couldn't anymore. He says that's life; one moment you think you're driving then in the next the steering wheel is ripped out of your hands and all you can do is sit back and hope that no one gets hurt too badly.

Katie drops the bomb on Brooke by telling her that it's Ridge she's in love with, leaving Brooke stunned and in disbelief.

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