B&B Wednesday Update 3/5/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/5/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope and Wyatt sit in her hotel room and under a sheet. Hope explains that Paris is her favorite city. Wyatt says that Rome was. Hope tells him not anymore. The two kiss each other passionately in bed and smile as they do it.

Katie walks down stairs and explains to Ridge that Will does not want to go to sleep. Ridge wonders if he needs a bed-time story. Katie thinks he will be fine. Katie wonders about the park. Ridge explains that he said he loved her. The two kiss and hug.

Thorne walks back into the office and explains that he has to fix something. Brooke says that she understands and cannot wait until she gets back to LA. Brooke wonders why Hope is having her stay. She wonders if Hope is not telling her something.

Katie asks Ridge what happens next. Ridge does not even know what happens tomorrow or the day after but right now they need to enjoy each other. The two kiss again this time more passionately.

Hope and Wyatt both are amazed over the sex they just had. Wyatt tells Hope that he is happy that Aly did not storm in on that. Hope cannot believe that just happened. Wyatt wonders if that was real Aly Forrester. Hope does not know but hopes she understands that they are just expressing their feelings for each other. Wyatt tells Hope that he heard something while Hope was talking to Aly. Hope asks what exactly did he hear.

Thorne gets off the phone with Ridge's old roommate. Brooke tells Thorne about what Bill thought about Ridge and him. Thorne thinks it is funny. Brooke explains that there were pictures of them at a gay pride parade. Brooke knows that he was trying to be desperate. Thorne wonders if he thinks he still has a chance. Brooke says she told him no. Thorne tells Brooke that Katie deserves a better man than that. Thorne tells Brooke that it is time that Ridge and Brooke start a life together.

Katie could get used to this. Katie wonders if they should quit there jobs and block out the world together. Ridge believes that sounds nice. Katie thinks that would be easy and simple after life has been one crisis after another. She wants Ridge. The two kiss again.

Wyatt and Hope look out the window. Wyatt wonders if she can picture the two of them living in Paris. Wyatt jokes about the two of them living in the RV in front of the Eiffel Tower. Hope does not think that would work for them. Hope remembers that Aly feels she has abandoned her views. Wyatt explains she has not done that at all. He thinks that he handled Aly very well. Hope wonders if Wyatt heard her say a certain something. Wyatt did. He asks what exactly her feelings are for him. Hope tells him to stop talking and the two of them kiss each other again. Hope tells Wyatt she loves him.

Wyatt has someone bring up some champagne as he feels they have a lot to celebrate. Hope is glad that he came along. Wyatt asks about the story of Brooke and Ridge. Hope says it is a long story. Wyatt thinks their story is more interesting. Hope laughs and tells him that compared to the story of Brooke and Ridge they are very boring. Wyatt cannot believe this and wonders if Ridge ever stowed away on a jet for his love. Wyatt then kisses Hope once again. Brooke walks in and is shocked to see her. Brooke explains that she is going to fly home tomorrow morning to get married. Hope tells her that she should stay till the weekend. Brooke says she really needs to be with Ridge. Hope says ok and they can all fly home together. Brooke thanks her and cannot wait to live her happily ever after with Ridge.

Katie asks if this is really happening. Ridge tells her it is. Katie does not think this feels real. Katie does not think she could have ever predicted this life. She wonders if they will ever be able to get people to understand. Ridge says they will try. He promises that he will. Ridge tells Katie they will break it to Brooke together and they will find the right words. Katie wonders what the right words are. Katie believes that when Brooke gets back she should talk to her alone. She needs to explain things to Brooke in her own way. Ridge does not know if that is a good idea. Katie just wants to be able to face what ever they need to face. She wants to trust that everything will work out for everyone. Ridge thinks about how he has never seen her. She is the most beautiful and amazing woman he has ever met. The two kiss again.

Brooke hopes that she did not scare Wyatt off. Hope says that it is fine. Brooke tells Hope that she just really needs to be back with Ridge right now. Hope understands and explains she has some things she has to do on her lap top and goes into the other room. She calls Ridge and Katie.

Katie gets the call and answers. Hope tells Katie that she tried to buy her some time but Brooke is coming home tomorrow. Hope asks if she has had time to sort her feelings. Katie explains she does not know how to say this but she is in love and they want a future together. Hope thinks Brooke is going to heart broken. Brooke picks up the extension and is happy to hear from Katie. Brooke asks how she is feeling. Katie says fine. Brooke just cannot wait to get back to Ridge. Katie say she will talk to her soon. Katie hangs up the phone. Katie tells Ridge tomorrow. The two hug.

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