B&B Tuesday Update 3/4/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/4/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie tells Ridge not to say that he loves her. Ridge explains she asked him to give her a good reason and he cannot think of a better one. He does love her.

Brooke thinks this could be serious. Thorne thinks that this could go bad but she did seem better. Brooke explains she seemed a little better. Brooke is not sure if she is ok. Brooke explains Aly went to see Hope.

Aly tells Wyatt to get out of the room right now. Wyatt tells her to leave. She is freaking out and Hope is trying to calm her down.

Thorne asks if Brooke likes Wyatt. Brooke likes him and she also liked Liam but he was just to complicated.

Aly tells Wyatt to get out right now. Hope tells Aly that she needs to calm down. Hope decides to take Aly into the other room to talk.

Katie does not think this is easy. Ridge explains they need to figure this out. Ridge tells Katie that she knows how he feels.

Aly cannot believe it. Hope explains that Wyatt was in her room because he was invited and he is her boyfriend. Aly thinks that he wants something from her. Hope explains she needs to get over her feelings. Aly wonders if this is how she wants people to see her now. Aly needs Hope to see how this looks. Aly thinks that this looks bad. She started a HFTF club at school even though people thought it was stupid. Hope explains the line has changed. Aly tells Hope that these people have ruined Liam's life and they will ruin hers too.

Thorne wonders how Katie is doing. Brooke explains that she is doing fine. Brooke tells him that the whole thing was terrifying especially because they were finally getting closer. Thorne believes that Ridge should be here with her because there is no where more romantic. Brooke did not want Katie alone.

Ridge and Katie walk around the park holding hands and smiling. The two stumble upon a some people playing music and Ridge tips them. The two smile at each other.

Hope understands that Aly wants to protect her image. Aly does not think that this is an image thing. Aly does not think that Wyatt is a good person. Hope asks Aly to take that back. Aly thinks she is lying if she does not. Hope is sorry that Aly was bullied and called names in high school but wonders how she looks telling Hope these things. Aly tells Hope that she loves Liam and if it was not for them she would be married to Liam. Hope made the choice on her own not to be married. Aly thinks that Wyatt was mean to Liam and her. She does not like him. Hope is sorry and hopes that in time she will change her opinion on him. Hope believes for now though it is best if she leaves.

Brooke tells Thorne that she is ready to come home. Thorne wonders why Ridge wants her here then.

Katie and Ridge dance in the park together to the music that the band is playing.

Aly leaves Hope's room. She looks back and thinks about the times she had seen Hope and Wyatt kiss each other as well as earlier that day. Aly walks back towards the door and gets out her phone and notices pictures of Wyatt. She has an app that sets the picture of him on fire. She smiles.

Hope tells Wyatt they are alone. She cannot believe the things that Aly said to her. Wyatt kisses Hope. He wonders where they were before they were so rudely interrupted. Wyatt takes off Hope's robe and they continue to kiss.

Brooke does not believe that anyone but Wyatt can do more for Hope than him. Thorne tells her she should leave now then. Brooke would love to go, but she does not know what she has to do. Brooke believes that she and Ridge could go down to the court house. Thorne tells her that she is ready.

Ridge and Katie continue to dance. Katie and Ridge walk away and Katie wonders if he had anything to do with that. Ridge says no. Katie thinks it has been a nice afternoon. Ridge is not going to say what he did early again. That is how he feels. Katie says she loves him too. The two kiss.

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