B&B Monday Update 3/3/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/3/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge looks at a picture of Katie and then gets a phone call from Brooke. Brooke explains that it is good to hear his voice. She misses him a lot. Brooke explains that Wyatt surprised Hope and she believes she can come home soon so they can start their lives together. Brooke hangs up. Ridge gets another call this one from Hope. Hope wonders how things are going with Katie. Hope tells him that he needs to figure out what is going on with Katie. Hope will not let him marry Brooke until he knows. Katie walks in and wonders what she said. Ridge explains that she wants them to figure it out.

Wyatt walks into Hope's hotel room. Wyatt thinks she looks sexy in her hotel robe. She explains that if she had know he was going to be here she would have brought something a little more sexy. The two start to kiss passionately. Wyatt is really liking Paris so far. Hope is glad that he is here. He hopes that he is not interrupting her time with Brooke. Hope says that's fine.

Aly is sorry that Brooke and Ridge are not married. Brooke explains that it is just a minor set back. Brooke does not want to be away from Ridge anymore now that she has him back.

Katie believes he should be married to Brooke right now and he would be if it was not for her. Katie believes that he should just leave. Ridge does not want to leave and believes they have to find a way to deal with it. Katie explains that she needs some air. Ridge would like to join her. Katie knows they have a lot to talk about but she does not know what to say. Ridge does not either.

Wyatt wonders if he should even bring this up, but he is worried about Aly. Hope is so sorry about the meeting. Wyatt is actually talking about after. He explains that Aly tried to fire him and told him that she did not like him with Hope. She also hit him. Hope is shocked at this and is so sorry. Hope does not think that is like her at all. Hope thinks she is usually much calmer. Wyatt knows she has some serious problems with him.

Aly explains that she really wanted to be at the wedding, but Thorne wanted her here. Brooke wonders if she has made any friends here. Aly tells Brooke that she does not really get along with people her age. Aly wants to know what happened at the wedding. Brooke explains how Katie fainted. Aly thinks that she must feel awful. Brooke hopes she does not because she does not believe it is Katie's fault.

Katie knows what she did was wrong. Ridge believes that in the grand scheme of things maybe it was not too bad. Katie does not like feeling guilty or ashamed. Ridge feels the same way too but does not know if that is a bad thing. Katie explains that Ridge has been so great with Will. Katie says Bill is a good father, but he has his own way of doing things.

Aly explains to Brooke that Wyatt and Quinn are not good people and that Hope should not be with him. Aly cannot believe that the two are together and that they should not be doing anything together. Aly remembers that Hope needs her press package. Brooke gives Aly her room key. Brooke thanks Aly but tells her that Hope can take care of herself.

Hope is sorry that Aly got so angry with him but it was a little to far. Wyatt thinks it is a bit creepy. Hope believes she just needs to relax a little. Wyatt explains that she called him mister popular. Hope thinks that it is a little funny. Wyatt wants to change the subject so they can have a good night. Wyatt suggests that they stay in for the night and the two start to kiss again.

Hope and Wyatt start to kiss passionately on the bed.

Aly knocks on Hope's door and tries to see if Hope is there. Aly opens the door and starts to call for her. Hope and Wyatt are in the bedroom having sex and Aly hears her laughing. Aly opens the door and starts to scream and tell them to stop.

Brooke looks through some papers and looks at an image of Ridge on her phone. She starts to think about when Ridge first came back. Brooke smiles and looks at other pictures.

Katie does not know what she wants. She looks at people in the park, and they are all having a great day. She thinks people think they must be a couple but they cannot. Ridge wonders how Katie feels. Katie cannot think about them as a family. Katie wonders why Ridge cannot be here with him. Ridge tells her it is because he loves her.

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