B&B Friday Update 2/28/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/28/14


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Thorne shares his worries over Aly's condition and her hatred of Wyatt with Brooke.

Aly screams at Wyatt to take his hands off Hope leaving them both in shock. Hope asks Aly what the problem is. Aly tells her Wyatt is the problem. She says he's wrong for her. Aly asks Hope how she can even let Wyatt touch her it's disgusting. Hope is stunned when Aly tells her that she doesn't even recognize her anymore as she's no longer following her Hope for the Future message. Hope asks Aly how long she has felt this way and Aly tells her it's since Wyatt came along and changed her for the worse. Aly screams she hates it just as Thorne and Brooke walk in.

Taylor arrives at Eric's office, surprising him. Eric hugs Taylor and says this is a surprise seeing her here. Eric and Taylor catch up. Eric asks Taylor how she's doing. Taylor says well; she's living in Paris surrounded by her children, things could be worse. Eric asks Taylor how she feels about Ridge being back with Brooke. Taylor says she's happy for him if that's what he wants. The conversation switches to Aly and Eric asks Taylor if she saw her before she left Paris. Taylor says no and asks if she's okay.

Hope starts to apologize to Aly but the awkward silence in the room doesn't lift until Thomas walks in. Seeing Aly, he hugs her and Aly is happy to see her cousin. Thorne seizes the chance to change the subject and tells Wyatt to go ahead with his presentation. Wyatt reveals Stephanie's jewelry and says they are going to make Hope for the Future the industry's addiction with these. Thorne looks surprised while Aly looks downright outraged at the idea.

Eric tells Taylor about how Aly doesn't like Wyatt and how she sounded violent talking about him today. Taylor asks Eric if he had done something to upset her. Eric says he's dating Hope which Aly doesn't like because she thinks he's bad news for her. Taylor asks Eric if Hope knows about Aly's issues. Eric says no, Thorne didn't want that. Sighing he says it's not so much her issues but rather her tone of voice when she spoke about Wyatt. He says it wasn't good and it scared him. Taylor looks concerned.

Wyatt finishes up his presentation and asks everyone if they think it's a good idea. Thomas, Brooke and Thorne think it's a great idea to show Stephanie's collection at the upcoming Hope For The Future show in Paris. While they are complimenting Wyatt on a job well done for coming up with this idea Aly screams that she is not okay with this. Aly lashes out at Wyatt. She says how dare he mock her grandmother like this. She says these jewels are family heirlooms and he wants to use them like some sideshow. She says that is so wrong leaving dead silence to fill the room.

Thorne tries to calm Aly down by saying this collection is to honor Stephanie. Thomas says the same but Aly disagrees. She says Hope for the Future has a message but this is just a publicity stunt just like that stupid blue diamond one. She says  they need to get the line back on track. Wyatt interrupts saying the line is selling better than ever. Aly screams that's the issue with him, it's all about money. When Hope says her message isn't so much what the line is about anymore, Aly loses it. She says it should be because that was the best part. Everyone looks scared of Aly's screaming while Thorne looks pale with fear.

Eric tells Taylor that Aly may need some help. Taylor says she wishes she could reach out to her, but she's not the right person seeing she caused her mother's dead. Eric says that was an accident but Taylor says it's her fault. She remembers how much pent up rage Aly had as a child towards her before saying that if Aly is spiraling downwards then Hope and Wyatt are going to have their hands full.

Aly watches from the doorway as Hope and Wyatt spend a moment alone. Hope tells Wyatt he did an amazing job today and Aly will come around. They share a kiss while Aly seethes. When Hope leaves to talk to her mother, Aly comes in and closes the door behind her. Aly tells Wyatt that he's self-absorbed and he's destroying Hope and her line and the family. Wyatt asks how he's doing that, and Aly says his idea to display her grandmother's jewelry for starters. Aly says he's turned Hope into a hypocrite and tells him she's going to put an end to this nonsense. Aly vows to stop Wyatt.

Brooke, Thorne and Hope talk about Aly. Hope asks if Aly is okay. Brooke says she's just sensitive that's all. Hope says that makes sense and says she'll warm up to Wyatt eventually because he's the kind of guy that could charm the skin off a snake. Thorne and Brooke look worried.

Aly continues screaming at Wyatt. She blames him for taking Hope away from Liam with his manipulations and false charm. She says he's just interested in being Mr. Popular and that he doesn't give a damn about Hope's message, he's just turning it into something ugly. Wyatt rudely asks if she's finished. Aly tells him she will stop him. Wyatt tries to counter Aly's disapproval of his using Stephanie's jewels by saying she would be okay with this. That sets Aly off as she comes back over to him and screams that he didn't even know Stephanie. Wyatt says he has heard about her but Aly says it's not the same. Wyatt says they are in this together and that they are practically part of the same family. Aly screams that they are not together in anything and tells Wyatt that he will never touch Hope again. Wyatt cockily tells Aly that Hope and him have already slept together earning a backhanded slap from her which leaves him in shock. As Wyatt is recovering from the slap, Aly takes some of Stephanie's jewels before telling him that he should pack up his stuff and take his mother and go back to his slimy home. She tells him he's fired from Forrester, and he will not go near Hope again. She asks if she's made herself clear, leaving Wyatt staring back at her angrily.

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