B&B Thursday Update 2/27/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/27/14


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt and Hope make out on the plane after she says it's okay for him to be here.

Brooke looks distracted on the plane. Thorne fills Eric in over the phone about Forrester's business in Paris with Aly by his side. Eric asks Aly how she's liking Paris. Aly says she's loving every moment and it will be even better when Hope gets here. When Eric mentions Wyatt, Aly asks if he's coming too. Eric says not that he knows of and Aly says good, leaving Thorne to ask her why she would say that.

Quinn pays Bill another visit who is not happy to see her. Quinn tells him he can't take back what happened between them. Bill says no but he can prevent it from ever happening again.

Pam asks Eric why Wyatt is on the plane to Paris and Eric tells her that he's taking Stephanie's Jewelry collection to Paris to get is appraised. He says they are thinking of putting it on display for one of the Hope For The Future events there. He says that's why he must be going. Eric discusses how Aly seemed off to him on the phone today. Pam sighs and asks if Aly is having trouble again as she's been doing so well recently. Eric frowns indicating Aly has some issues they both know of.

Aly vents to her father about how Wyatt is bad for Hope. Thorne asks if she still enjoys working with Hope. Aly says yes and she's learning a lot, but she doesn't like Wyatt always being around Hope. She says he's bad for the company and he's bad for Hope. Brooke is surprised to find Wyatt on the plane with her and Hope. Brooke tells Hope and Wyatt that they remind her of Ridge and her when they were young; always seizing any moment they could to be together. She tells them to never lose that connection and Wyatt says that's great advice and kisses Hope right there leaving Brooke to giggle.

Bill tries to tell Quinn that she took advantage of him in his drunken state but Quinn reminds him that he was an active participant. Bill tells Quinn that he's in love with Brooke and what happened between them does not change that. Quinn reminds him that Brooke isn't into him anymore. She tells him to accept that already and move on with her. Quinn asks to make him dinner and then suggests they have sex again. She teasingly asks him if he wants to unleash his inner beast with her leaving Bill at a loss for words.

Wyatt teases Hope with a secret that will make her line even more successful on the plane leaving her curious.

Pam asks Eric why he's so concerned about Aly all of a sudden. When Eric says she's not too fond of Wyatt, Pam laughs and says well lots of people are not fond of Wyatt. Eric says there was something in her voice when she spoke to him that made it clear that she didn't just not like, it was deeper than that. Pam says well at least Thorne is there so he'll watch Aly when Wyatt arrives in Paris with Hope. Pam and Eric worry about Aly's condition and Pam says she can relate having issues of her own. She says thinks could get really scary for Aly and everyone else. Scary and challenging. After Thorne talks to Aly about when she started harboring negative feelings towards Wyatt, he looks pale and worried when Aly says she wishes Wyatt would just go away.

Bill asks Quinn if she had an agenda when she slept with him. He asks if she's going to show up to him again some months later to tell him she's pregnant. Quinn bursts out laughing and tells Bill to get over himself. She says she would not put herself through that again seeing how much of failure as a father he was to her son in the past. Bill says she never gave him a chance and Quinn says and she's not going to give him one now either. She says having a child is no where in her plans, especially not with him. Bill grabs Quinn's wrist when she pokes his chest to drive in her point and Quinn just smirks.

Eric tells Pam that he's worried about Aly because she's been through this in the past. She seems quiet and normal but then it's like a switch flicks on and she becomes violent and confrontational. Pam looks scared to hear that.

Aly runs down to meet Hope when Brooke arrives. Thorne is worried when he hears Wyatt came to Paris as well. Brooke asks him if something is wrong and he says no not yet. He tells Brooke how Aly feels about Wyatt and Brooke asks if that isn't a little unfair.  Thorne agrees and says he's worried about Aly.

Bill tells Quinn he doesn't want her. Quinn says fine and moves to leave but tells Bill that she knows what his problem is. She says Brooke nor any of her Logan bimbo sisters can never give him what he wants because none of them match him. She says his match; just as ruthless and dark and can through whatever he tosses at her back twice as hard. Bill looks intrigued as she says one day he'll come looking for her and maybe she will be interested, maybe she won't. Quinn leaves and Bill stares after her.

Thorne tells Brooke that today he say a glimmer of darkness in Aly's eyes when she talked about Wyatt. He says and now he's here in Paris. Sighing he says he just prays Wyatt isn't the trigger that sets her off.

Hope is impressed by the idea of using Stephanie's jewels for her line. She tells Wyatt he's a genius, and they start to make out. Aly sees Wyatt and Hope kissing from the doorway and she charges in screaming at Wyatt to get his hands off Hope shocking both of them.

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