B&B Wednesday Update 2/26/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/26/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie tells Will's nanny on the phone to have fun. Ridge comes in and asks if he is ok. Katie explains he is on a play date. The two discuss the doctor. Katie wonders how Hope figured this out. Ridge explains that Hope just wants to make sure that they love each other. Katie thinks they can still get married.

Brooke does not believe in omens and neither does Bill. Bill believes in them. Hope walks in and asks what is going on. Bill tells her that he is trying to get the two of them back together. Hope says absolutely not. Hope assumes that is the fever talking. Bill is confused. Hope says that she was at Bill and Liam's house and she heard noises. Bill explains that he was sick and will never try that again.

Wyatt tries to show Quinn some jewels but Quinn is not in the zone. Quinn explains she had the most fascinating encounter earlier with Bill. Wyatt is shocked that she was with Bill. Quinn explains that she was trying to rub it in with Brooke's marriage yet she ended up being vulnerable with him yet had feelings at the same time.

Hope wonders if Brooke is done packing. Bill wonders what packing she has to do. Brooke tells Bill that she is going with Hope to Paris for an event and that she is getting married the moment she gets back. Bill suggests to come with her. Brooke looks at him like he is crazy. Bill decides not to go but tells her that she has to figure out that they were meant to be. Bill leaves and Brooke has a look of confusion on her face.

Ridge believes they should try to be honest with each other.

Quinn wonders if that sounds sadistic. Wyatt does not know. Quinn notes they have a love hate relationship and today they came to an understanding. Wyatt wonders about what. Quinn tells him it is about there personal lives. Wyatt has to leave.

Bill shows back at Liam's and wonders if he is alone. Bill says yes and wonders what he means. Liam knows about Quinn. He wonders if it was temporary insanity. Bill thinks it must have been. Liam is not to think it or say it. It never happened in his mind. He went to see Brooke after the wedding fiasco. Bill explains Brooke is going to Paris with Hope and not Ridge. He thinks there is more to it than what is being said.

Ridge explains that what Katie said at the hospital was what she felt. Katie wonders if she should have done that. She does not want to be the cause of this. Katie decides to call the Forrester jet. Ridge stops her and tells her they have to work through there feelings first.

Brooke asks Hope if she really needs her to go with her. Hope believes that it is the best for everyone. Brooke goes up stairs and Wyatt shows up. Hope kisses Wyatt and wonders if the suit cases he sees is why he is here. Hope explains she is going to Paris. Wyatt says so is he. Wyatt explains he wants to go with her. Hope smiles. Wyatt tries to convince her of how perfect it would be. Hope explains that it will be non stop work. She would love him to be there but all her free time will be with Brooke. Wyatt wonders if Ridge is coming. Hope says he is staying here. Brooke comes back down stairs. Wyatt explains he is just saying good bye, the two kiss and Brooke feels a bit uncomfortable.

Bill thinks of the times he has spent with Brooke.

Brooke and Hope are on the Forrester Jet waiting to leave. Hope wonders if she is ok. Brooke explains this was supposed to be her wedding night. She understands Katie could not help it but at least Ridge is able to be with her. The two are very special to her.

Katie does not know what Hope was expecting. Ridge knows she was not either. He notes that sometimes life has a wonderful way of surprising them.

Hope and Brooke have set off. Hope yawns. Brooke tells her to get some sleep. Hope wonders if she wants to as well. Brooke explains she just misses Ridge. She believes in her heart that she is with Ridge. She is just worried about Katie right now. Hope tells her not to worry about that. Hope tells her that Katie is not perfect either. Hope goes to lie down and asks Brooke to wake her up when she gets closer. She goes into the other room to find Wyatt under the blanket. Hope is shocked but so glad he is here. Wyatt refused to let Hope go to the most romantic city alone. The two kiss on one of the beds. Brooke looks at a picture of Ridge on her phone.

Ridge brings Katie some food. Katie looks at a picture of herself and Brooke and Donna back when they were children. She is shocked at how her life has turned out. Ridge thinks it is pretty good. Katie believes she is no better than Brooke. Ridge believes that because they fought it, she is different. Ridge tells her to just let things take there course right now. The two smile at each other.

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