B&B Tuesday Update 2/25/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/25/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope tells Katie that the doctor is going to tell her that there is nothing wrong with her. She does not want to listen to Ridge. He has broken Brooke's heart but now he is secretly involved with Katie. Katie says they were not in a relationship. Hope tells them that they cannot have a wedding if they do not love each other. The doctor gets the last lab results.

Bill explains that his driver is outside. Liam asks him not to go. Bill wants to know why Katie is in the hospital. Bill knows he will sound crazy but he thinks that Katie might have done this for him -- to give him and Brooke a second chance. Bill wonders if Liam believes in fate. Liam explains no and neither does he. Bill says that it is true. Bill knows that Ridge does not love Brooke, because he would have still have married her.

Ridge does not think he has done anything wrong. Hope does not think that it makes it right. Brooke and the doctor come in. The doctor explains that Katie is fine and she can go but only if an adult can stay with her. Katie says Hope will stay with her. Hope remembers that she has to go to Paris and she needs Brooke to go with her. Katie gives Hope a dirty look.

Liam tells Bill that she has been discharged. Bill wonders if she has been ok then. Bill believes that she is. Bill needs coffee and a lot of it plus a shower. Liam says things might work out the way he wants but he cannot predict the future. Bill believes that Brooke needs to be loved.

Hope explains that she is the star. Hope needs Brooke on this show. Brooke cannot drop everything. Hope tells Brooke that fashion week will not be put on hold. Brooke understands. Hope really hopes that she will be with her. Brooke tells Ridge she is sorry but she has to go. Brooke tells Katie to do everything that Ridge tells her too. Brooke goes to get ready. Katie wants to know what she is doing. Hope tells them they need time to work this out and now they both have time to do that.

Bill gets all dressed. He shows a picture of himself to Liam before he goes down. He believes he was born to be happy. He thinks he is missing everything but his clothes. He does not believe it is gone. He thinks he can get it recovered. He is going to do the right thing. He tells Liam right now is all he has. He tells Liam that Hope did not come here to him about Katie. Liam is not like Bill he cannot keep going back and forth. He does not believe that Brooke is any less committed to Ridge than she was this morning.

Hope loves them both but the two cannot do what they are doing to Brooke. Ridge believes they have been honest with her. Hope tells them that they have not been honest with Brooke. Ridge says he would have been married right now. He cannot control his feelings but he can control his actions. Katie was going to support this. Hope wonders if Ridge is right. Katie says yes. Hope asks if a little piece of her would have died inside. Katie says yes.

Brooke opens her door to find Bill. He would be lying if he said he was sorry. He asks how Katie is doing. Brooke explains she is doing good. She wonders if he has been drinking. Bill explains that was before and he did not drive here. Brooke says he can come in and call his driver. Brooke tells Bill that she is packing. Bill tells Brooke that she is not married. Brooke says she will be soon. Bill wonders if this was all a sign. Brooke tells him that they were not meant to be. Bill wonders how she knows. Brooke explains because there has been a lot of damage that's how she knows. Brooke cannot. Bill would have loved her the rest of his life. Brooke cannot do that anymore. Bill knows that Katie will never take him back. Brooke knows that. Brooke explains that he is very special and there is no one like him. Bill tells Brooke that he doesn't love her the way he does. Brooke does not want him to.

Katie tells Hope that she has done nothing with him. She is not ashamed of her feelings though. Hope believes that her actions have still shown. Katie knows that Hope believes stopping the wedding was a mistake. Hope tells the two of them that the feelings have escaped into the real world and it has affected everyone. She wonders if they really want to keep doing this and getting hurt. Hope knows he is a good person but he cannot be put in a life he does not want. Hope tells them they will be gone a couple of days so they should use this as a way to figure things out. She knows Brooke cannot handle to lose him again. Hope leaves.

Katie knows this is bad. Ridge needs to figure out what they are doing here. Katie tells Ridge he now knows how she feels. Ridge wonders what Katie is most afraid of. Katie explains herself. She puts her head on Ridge's shoulder.

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