B&B Monday Update 2/24/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/24/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie is sorry. Ridge is not.

Brooke wonders if her last check up went well. The doctor explains that it did. Brooke wants to know what happened then. The doctor explains he will know more once he sees the blood test results.

Bill and Quinn kiss passionately on bed and Bill calls her a freak. Quinn explains he has no idea. Bill gets on top and Quinn wants to be but Bill tells her to make him.

Hope shows up at Liam's house. Liam has her come in. Liam asks what she is doing here. Hope explains that the wedding didn't happen.

Bill tells Quinn that she likes that. Quinn explains she enjoys every painful second. Bill thinks Quinn is even more disturbed than he remembers. Bill kisses her neck and Quinn enjoys it a lot.

Liam is shocked to hear that Katie passed out. Hope says it is scary and she just though Liam should know just in case anyone needs to know. The two of them hear Bill moaning. Hope wonders if he is ok. Liam tells her that he is just in pain. Hope wonders if they should do something. Liam believes he will be fine.

Katie just couldn't stand there and let Ridge marry Brooke. She does not usually do these kind of things. Brooke comes into the room.

Quinn cannot believe that Brooke dumped him. Bill is shocked that men have not been around her in a couple years. Quinn tells him to wipe the blood off. Bill doesn't feel like it.

Hope tells Liam the wedding was going smoothly and Brooke had just exchanged vows but then Katie just went down. They thought it was a heart attack but then it turned out that it was not. Katie says that she was fine but they were not going to take any chances. Liam thinks it must have been to stressful. Hope wonders why it would be to stressful for Katie. Liam explains that Katie and Ridge have feelings for each other. Hope does not believe that is possible. Liam explains they really do. Hope does not think there is any way. Liam tells her that she is in love with Ridge. Liam says this is true. They were both hurt over what Brooke did. Hope is shocked. Hope does not think that an attraction was ever there. Liam believes that Ridge has come back a new man. Liam cannot keep this a secret when her health is on the line. Hope tells him that they are all at the hospital and if this true then maybe it is all coming out now.

Brooke asks if she is ok. Katie says she is fine and she is sorry she ruined the wedding. Brooke does not care about that all she cares about is if Katie is ok. Brooke believes they have to get to the bottom of this.

Liam just thinks it must have been too much for Katie to take. Hope wonders about the poetry. Liam tells her that they both really enjoy this one poem. Hope remembers that Carter was reading a poem. Hope cannot fault either of them. She understands that circumstances bring people together but she does not want Brooke to get hurt again. Hope cannot let this happen. She has to go talk to them. She thanks Liam and goes to the hospital.

Bill cleans up the room after having sex with Quinn. He did not remember breaking a lamp. Quinn tells him that if he finds her underwear. He tells her he will burn it. Quinn tells him to enjoy his hang over. The two kiss passionately once more before Quinn leaves.

Brooke just wants to make sure that she is happy and healthy and strong. Katie just does not think it was anything. Hope shows up at the hospital. Hope is happy to see that she is better. Hope wonders if Katie has been taking her medication. Brooke does not think that her heart was the problem. Brooke decides to go check on everything. Hope wonders if Katie will go home today. Katie believes so. Hope thinks that something must have happened.

Liam asks Bill if they are alone. Bill does not answer right away. Liam explains that hope was here. Bill asks why she was not at the reception. Liam says there was no wedding. Bill wonders what he means. Liam explains that Katie passed out and that Ridge and Brooke are not married.

Brooke asks the doctor again if everything is ok. The doctor explains they don't know yet. She just hopes they can find out what this is.

Katie explains she is fine. Hope can't believe this. Hope knows that Katie was stressed out. Hope wonders if it was something else. Hope knows. She knows what is going on between the two of them. She cannot believe there is nothing wrong. She knows that Katie purposely stopped the wedding. Katie explains she did. Hope asks if it is because she loves Ridge. Katie says she does.

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