B&B Friday Update 2/21/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/21/14


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke and the rest of the family frantically try to revive Katie as she lies on the floor. Bill tells Liam this is a great day for both of them, sarcasm heavy in his tone. Liam says he’s here for him and then tells his father that he agrees with him that Ridge doesn’t belong with Brooke. Bill asks if he’s actually agreeing with him about Brooke and Liam says he has his reasons. Bill asks if he’s no longer going to hound him about going back to Katie and Liam says he won’t. Bill says good because she’s not right for him and Liam says he’s not right for her either before going out for a run. Quinn drops by to find Bill drinking his sorrows away with drink after drink. Bill is surprised to see her.

Quinn tells Bill that as much as she despises him she’s not here to gloat. Bill asks if she’s not going to say he deserved it but Quinn simple says what else did he expect by sleeping with his wife’s sister. Bill asks Quinn why she’s even here and Quinn says as much as he deserves to wallow away in his self-made agony, she thought she’d be nice and keep him company. Quinn talks about how Brooke and him really are the perfect match as she too can’t settle on one man and has kids with multiple fathers just as has sons with multiple women who he later disposes. Annoyed, Bill asks if she’s finished. Mocking him, Quinn says she’s been finished with him for such a long time and now so is Katie and Brooke and now he’s all alone. She adds in just like her leaving Bill curious.

Katie wakes up and the family worries over her. Ridge pays extra attention to Katie telling her to relax and not to get up until the paramedics arrive. Brooke asks her if she knew what was going on and Katie glances at Ridge before saying yes, he was getting married. Eric, Donna and Brooke decide that Katie should go to the hospital for a check-up just in case. Katie protests but they tell her they’ll feel better when they are sure she’s okay. Brooke goes upstairs to change before they go to the hospital and Ridge sits by Katie’s side looking at her intensely.

Quinn shares a drink with Bill and toasts it as finally both of them knowing the sting of being dumped by your one and only. Quinn taunts Bill about how he lost everything due to his affair with Brooke. Bill blames Katie for wanting him to be with Brooke but Quinn says he never takes responsibility for his actions. She says she knows that from how he treated her. Groaning, Bill asks if she wants another apology from him but Quinn says no she doesn’t because to be honest his apologies suck. Bill admits to Quinn that he’s not okay, not today anyway.

Katie is taken to the hospital and the doctor says he needs to run tests on her to make sure she’s okay. Katie says but that could take hours. Ridge says it doesn’t matter if it takes days, they need to do this. Katie can’t keep her eyes off Ridge who looks very, very concerned for her. Quinn and Bill talk about the similarities between them and Quinn lets it slip that she cares for him even if she doesn’t know why. Bill starts to stumble after drinking all day and Quinn tells him to take it easy. Quinn helps a heavily drink Bill up the stairs to his bedroom. Brooke leaves the room to talk to the doctor and Ridge seizes his chance to speak to Katie alone. He tells her that she’s a beautiful as ever and the perfect package before saying she needs to rest now. Katie admits to Ridge that she didn’t pass out so there is nothing wrong with her. She says she had to do something to stop the wedding so she faked it.

Hope wonders what happened to Katie to make her faint. Wyatt thinks she got a little excited, like he is right now. To Hope's surprise, he holds her head and kisses her passionately.

Liam arrives back to the beach house to hear strange noises. When he hears glass breaking upstairs, he runs up to see what’s wrong only to find Bill and Quinn having sex. He shuts the door and looks ready to throw up. Stephanie’s photo falls when Donna kisses Eric to thank him for being there. Eric sighs and says okay he gets it leaving Donna in awe that Stephanie is still keeping an eye on him from beyond the grave. Brooke asks Dr. Patrick what could have caused Katie to faint when he says he doesn’t think it was heart-related.

Katie and Ridge have a heartfelt talk. Katie tells Ridge that she couldn’t watch him marrying Brooke. She says he’s been there for her and he’s listened to her and that may feel like a small thing but it’s not. She says and when Carter started  reading their poem she started realizing this was fate because what were the odds. Ridge says he was thinking the same thing. Katie tells Ridge that she doesn’t regret stopping the wedding; she can’t. She says she hasn’t felt like herself in a long time since Bill cut her so deep but he makes her feel like herself again. Katie says without him she feels and Ridge completes her sentence saying lost. Katie nods and Ridge kisses her cheek whispering the words that she’s not lost in her ear. Katie starts to cry softly and nods her head in response.

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