B&B Thursday Update 2/20/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/20/14


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke and Ridge’s wedding is about to begin while Bill vents out to Liam how Brooke shouldn’t be marrying Ridge. He says this is the worst mistake of her life but she’s made her decision. Bill says Brooke us committing herself to Ridge for better he says grimly, or for worse. Carter begins officiating the wedding, talking about Brooke and Ridge’s epic love story as Katie looks beyond annoyed and uncomfortable.

Hope reads a sermon from the Bible at the wedding about love and forgiveness. She turns to her mother and Ridge and tells them they honestly don’t need advice, they could write their own marriage handbook; the do’s and do not’s. Katie looks angry in the background as she hears Hope tell Ridge and Brooke how paramount their love is and how it’s so beautiful to see them getting married again to one another. Bill drinks scotch and tells Liam that he doesn’t buy all this crap about Ridge being Brooke’s destiny. He says it’s all just timing and bad choices. Liam snickers slightly and quips hers or yours to his dad. Bill looks bitter but says people make their own destiny in life and Brooke should have made hers with him.

Eric gives a small speech in honor of Brooke and Ridge. He says in his mind, Stephanie would have been absolutely thrilled that they are getting married today. He says that Brooke and Ridge’s bond reminds him of the bond he had with Stephanie where they may have gotten separate due to circumstances but their love never diminished. He says that they are evidence of the fact that once love is rooted it can always blossom again. Once Eric returns to his seat Carter asks Rick and Katie if there is something they would like to say being the best man and matron of honor. Rick says he has one speech and he’s saving it for the reception once they have all had a few drinks making Caroline giggle. Katie looks uncomfortable when they ask her to speak and Ridge saves her from having to make a speech by saying Katie’s presence here speaks for itself. Brooke smiles at Katie and agrees that it does. Katie smiles tightly in response.

Bill asks Liam how come he didn’t tell him earlier that Katie made him VP. He accuses Liam of becoming chums with Katie and Liam tells him that this means Katie trusts him and that’s a good thing for both of them. Bill asks if Katie is at the wedding and Liam says yes. Bill says well at least two people are patching up their relationship. Pouring himself another drink, Bill asks Liam if he wants some. Liam asks if it will help him forget that Hope is at the wedding with Wyatt. Bill says yes if he has enough. Liam decides to share a drink with his father. Bill reflects on his past relationship with Brooke as flashbacks of Aspen and Monte Carlo are shown. He says those moments should have been the beginning of the rest of their lives together but now she’s marrying Ridge. He asks how that makes sense and Liam looks upset for his father.

Brooke begins to say the vows she has come with for Ridge. She says they have made a lot of promises to each other in the past and they have done good on their commitment to their son and being the best parents they can be. She says the rest, well that is what they are going to renew today. She tells Ridge that she loves him and she will always have faith in them. She says and the moment she says “I do” she will not let anything ever undo them again. Katie looks angry and fidgety in the background. Ridge’s vows to Brooke consist of promising to live up to the faith she has in him. He says she’s as captivating as she was when he first met her and talks about R.J. and how he throws himself at life just like she does. He promises to be a good husband to her and a good father to R.J and says that is because that is what she deserves. A tear splits from Katie’s eyes in the back.

Bill and Liam continue to share their frustrations over Hope and Brooke’s decisions to be with Wyatt and Ridge over them. Bill says Ridge never found Brooke’s love for him to be enough, he always had to be fought over. Liam says he thinks that’s over with for good and tells his father that it looks like he’s just going to have to accept that the woman he loves is going to be with someone else. Sighing, he says a lot of that is going around nowadays.

Ridge is caught off guard when Carter chooses to read a poem by Shelley called Love’s Philosophy ; the very same one he read with Katie that day at the park. Katie begins to have flashbacks of that day as she starts breathing deeper. All of a sudden, Katie faints just as Carter is about to pronounce Ridge and Brooke husband and wife, causing panic to break out at the wedding.

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