B&B Wednesday Update 2/19/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/19/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke smells some flowers and Rick walks in and notes that she looks happy. Brooke says yes because she is marrying the man of her dreams. Rick is very happy for her. He has not seen a smile all that big in a while. Brooke believes the smile will be even bigger when she is married. Rick explains everything is going well and that he is going to bring Caroline and Donna inside.

Ridge looks at Stephanie's photo and tells her that Eric is still trying to dress him. Eric wonders how anyone could not be happy on such a joyous day. Ridge thinks about Katie when she said the poem.

Katie thinks about the poem as well and Liam comes in and explains that it is not to late. Liam believes that she can still stop this wedding from happening.

Eric offers Maya and Carter drinks but Carter does not want to drink before the ceremony.

Hope tells Wyatt to not let anything ruin his day. Rick comes over and explains that Brooke is doing well and has never been more happy.

Hope storms into Brooke's room where she is getting dressed at the Forrester mansion and says she looks amazing. Brooke explains that Katie will be here soon.

Katie thinks that Liam is being ridiculous. Katie believes that being with Ridge would just set her up for more pain. She is not going to do what Brooke did to her. She just can't deal with it. Liam cannot believe that she is actually going to let this happen. Katie believes that Ridge and Brooke belong together. Liam thinks Katie just believes that because she has been told that her whole life. He is only doing this because he lost Hope and does not want to have the same thing happen to Katie. Katie refuses to let this happen. Liam does not think that Ridge wants Brooke but Katie. Liam thinks she should see what happens. Katie is not going to hurt anyone. She is going to support her marriage to Ridge.

Maya asks how he is doing. Carter explains he is ok he has been up all night. Carter says he was not nervous before but he is now. Carter explains he came up with something that is romantic. Maya cannot wait to hear it.

Rick welcomes Ridge back to the family. Rick likes that it is nice to know that he can count on him for his mom.

Caroline thinks that Brooke is very hot. Brooke explains that she is very happy that she married Rick. Donna gets a text that Katie is on her way. Caroline thinks that it must be nice to have peace in the family. Brooke agrees and everyone else does as well.

Bill tells Liam that he is not going to tell Brooke marry this floozy. Bill does not want to make a scene though. Liam thinks he should.

Maya asks if Rick is worried that his vows will not be as good as theirs. Rick jokes and says yes.

Katie sees Ridge out side and Ridge says he is glad she is here. Katie congratulates him and says she is glad that he is marrying Brooke.

Caroline asks if she has something new borrowed and blue. Brooke says she has one of RJ's baby blankets sewn in. Eric comes in and explains he has a surprise for her. Eric takes out Stephanie's jewelry collection. Wyatt is shocked by the jewels. Eric gives Brooke a piece to wear for the wedding. Brooke thanks Eric.

Katie explains that families make sacrifices. Katie explains that he is going to be marrying a woman that is very devoted to him and she is very happy for them. Ridge wonders if she will be find. Katie says she always is.

Bill wonders if he should. Bill thinks that this is not easy for him. Liam understands. Bill cannot believe that Brooke is getting married to Ridge. He thinks this is a bunch of bull.

Katie asks if everyone is decent as she walks into Brooke's room. Katie says she looks beautiful. Brooke is happy to see her. Katie tells her not to cry. Katie knows this day means a lot to her. Katie says the Logan girls are finally back together. They have been through a lot but they always find away. Katie knows that Brooke and Ridge will be happy. Katie wants them to be happy. Brooke hopes that Katie knows how special she is. Katie says she is here because she is her sister. This is her day and Brooke does not have to say anything today. Katie knows this is what everyone wants. Brooke has wanted this for a long time. Brooke believes this marriage is going to be good for them. Katie knows how much she adores him. She believes she should cherish him. Brooke is never going to let him go. Brooke thanks her for everything. Donna says it is time. Brooke says she loves Katie so much. Katie says she loves him too. She tells her to go marry Ridge. The two hug.

Bill believes this wedding is a mistake and should not be happening. Bill believes that he should go over there. Liam tells him to calm down. Liam tells him that if that wedding does not go down it cannot be because of either of them,

Everyone gathers in the Forrester living room for the wedding. Katie walks in first down the aisle. Everyone rises as Brooke walks through the front door. She smiles.

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