B&B Tuesday Update 2/18/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/18/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke explains that Katie has been Ridge's and her biggest supporter. Katie asks if she has talked to Ridge about this. Brooke explains no but Ridge will want her to be a part of their special day.

Ridge has trouble staying on topic at a meeting. He compliments Wyatt and Quinn and Pam goes on about how Quinn is a good person sarcastically.

Quinn shows up at Bill's again. Bill tells her he needs to tell Wyatt to take her key back. Quinn tells her to keep his shirt off. Quinn wonders if Brooke is still on his mind. Bill tells her he has things to do. Quinn asks like what. Bill explains anything that is not talking to you. Quinn does miss certain things about there relationship and wonders if Bill misses anything about her. Bill says no. Quinn knows that Brooke is clearly on his mind. Bill says that Ridge is the one on his mind.

Carter and Maya show up after the meeting. Everyone is excited about the wedding. Pam explains that Katie should be happy and will find a man like Ridge.

Katie wonders if Brooke would rather have Hope or Donna. Brooke believes that Katie has been her biggest supporter in all of this and she would really appreciate it, as would Ridge. Katie says she can't. Brooke asks why.

Pam asks Hope what she is doing with Wyatt after everything. Hope explains that she does not trust Quinn. Pam believes that Wyatt is not better. Wyatt shows up and explains that Hope believes him and that everything is better now. He hopes Liam finds someone but he is the one with Hope right now. Pam thinks that Wyatt is exactly like Bill and storms off.

Quinn is shocked to find out about Brooke and Ridge's engagement. Quinn tells him that he does not have control over everything. Quinn wonders if he is in love.

Carter asks for the whole story involving Brooke and him. Ridge explains that he first met her at a party at his parents' house. He just fell for her. She has an aura about her. To this day he cannot look into her eyes without getting lost. She will own a persons soul and you want to be the one. Ridge explains it has been like that since day one.

Katie is sorry. Brooke understands she is still hurting and wishes she could do something. She understands that she made a mistake and it was a mistake that Katie would never make. Brooke is trying to get past this. She will try to be as true to her as she has been to Brooke. Brooke just really wants her there and they all need her there. She pleas for Katie to be with her on the day she re commits herself to Ridge. Katie asks what she could possibly add to the equation. Brooke just knows she can add something. She begs Katie to do this for her and everyone. Katie believes she is the last person she wants standing at her wedding. Brooke believes that Katie will forgive her when she is ready. Weddings are a new start and thanks to her they are reuniting. Katie believes that she is being asked a lot of. Brooke believes that Katie needs to be there to see that Brooke likes Ridge and not Bill. Brooke asks again and really believes this could be the bond they need back in there life. Katie does really want this. Brooke tells her this can be her wedding present. Katie says yes. The two cry and hug each other.

Hope and Wyatt kiss each other. Wyatt says that one was for Pam. Hope laughs and says she is sorry about that. Hope jokes about how Wyatt could do what he did. Hope still intends to talk to Quinn about her being a bit crazy. Wyatt explains that she is a bit nutty but she is a single mother. Hope wonders if she was waiting for Bill to come back. Wyatt tells her that Quinn hates him more than anything but at the same time loves him more than anyone.

Bill really does not need any drama at the moment. Quinn wants to know how he feels.

Maya thinks that Ridge and Brooke are like something out of a fairy tale. Carter thinks it is more like an epic. Carter believes there love is just as strong. Maya thinks that Carter will do a great job as minister tomorrow and she will be very proud of him.

Ridge comes to see Katie. Katie explains she will be there tomorrow when he marries Brooke.

Bill guesses he should have seen it coming. Bill knew they were meant to be together. Quinn believes they were not because they are not. Quinn believes someone else is out there for him. Bill does not need or want someone else. Bill is going to go share that with Brooke

Brooke tells Hope that Katie agreed. Hope wonders if Katie is still upset. Brooke thinks that Katie is just jealous right now. Brooke was not going to leave until Katie agreed. Brooke believes that this will have an impact on Katie.

Katie explains that she will be maid of honor. She didn't want to at first but now she thinks otherwise. Ridge believes that Katie should be there too. Katie thinks that he might be right. She should see it. Ridge explains that she has seen it a lot. Katie believes tomorrow will be the start of something new and she will be a part of it. A brand new beginning.

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