B&B Monday Update 2/17/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/17/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge believes that Eric will like what he has been working on. Ridge explains that he asked Rick to be his best man. Rick explains that he agreed. Eric is very happy and is proud of both of them. Eric is happy that Ridge is going to be with Brooke again.

Aly tells everyone that Brooke and Ridge getting back together is great. Brooke notes that Pam and Charlie are also pretty in love. Pam tells them that Charlie baked some brownies for them. They all scream over Brooke getting married again.

Liam goes over some business with Katie but she does not pay attention at all. Katie tells Liam not to bring up Ridge or Brooke. Liam does anyways and explains everything that Katie has brought up but also mentions that she should do what is right for her. He believes that if she does have feelings for Ridge she has the power to stop the wedding.

Donna wonders about Brooke and Ridge's Valentine's Day. Brooke explains the two didn't do anything together. Brooke explains that she does not plan to tell RJ about this until she gets back together with Ridge. Pam asks if they are going to have the wedding here. Brooke says yes. Brooke is so happy to be planning her wedding.

Eric never doubted that Brooke and him would be back together again. Ridge explains that he wishes that Brooke had not done what she did but he is over it. He cannot wait to marry her. Maya walks in with Carter and asks if everything is going well. Ridge says yes and asks for him to be the minister at their wedding.

Liam feels that he could feel the connection between Ridge and her. Katie refuses to be like Brooke. Liam thinks that Ridge might want the opposite of Brooke. Liam hopes that Katie is at least thinking of having a change. Katie just thinks this is all ironic. Katie believes Ridge and Brooke are meant to be. Katie would not be shocked if Liam got back together with Hope. Liam is sick of the back and forth. He believes that going with faith might not be the right way to go. Katie wishes she could do what he is saying but she is not like Brooke. She cannot allow herself to be the reason that RJ does not have his parents together.

Maya explains to everyone that she enjoys being engaged and does not want things to be taken to fast. Carter asks Ridge to have them come talk about what they want in the wedding later.

Brooke explains the only thing that is missing from this wedding is Stephanie. Pam explains that they should get married under Stephanie's photo. Donna mentions being married near the window. Brooke explains that she likes Pam's idea better. This is the room where she first met Ridge. Brooke feels like all the pieces are finally coming together in her life and she is going to accept it. They all toast. Aly wants to love someone so much that it is torture to not be around them. Donna and Pam don't believe that a man should be there whole life. It can be terrible. Brooke agrees. Brooke asks if Thorne is coming back for the wedding. Aly explains that Thorne cannot get away from France. Aly explains that she would like to see her father. Brooke explains that is perfectly fine. Brooke is going to miss her at the wedding. Aly hugs her and calls her the best.

Liam explains that Wyatt is hogging Hope right now. Katie explains that her Valentines day wasn't much better. She just walked around the park and read. She explains when she went to the park with Ridge. She thought it felt good and it felt like a happy little family. Liam looks at the poetry book and asks if this is an old favorite. Katie explains that she used to read it a lot and that her favorite poem is in it.

Eric says that times like these are when he misses Stephanie the most. He believes that Stephanie would have been pleased. He believes that Brooke and him are going to have a great life now.

Brooke shows up at Katie's office. Brooke has something very important to ask her.

Eric asks what is on Rick's mind. He wants to know what he was thinking about. Rick is concerned about Brooke right now. He wonders if Brooke is really going to be ok. Eric believes that Ridge will do the right thing. Eric believes that Ridge and Brooke have been destined for a long time.

Ridge walks on the balcony at Forrester and thinks of when he first came back and gave Brooke the flower. He then thinks of his time with Katie.

Katie asks what she needs. Brooke wonders why she thinks that she always needs something. Brooke asks if Katie is closer to forgiving her. Katie says yes. Brooke is still very sorry and she is very glad that she is being supported by her for her and Ridge. Brooke believes that weddings usually bring people back together and that is why she would like Katie as her maid of honor. Brooke asks Katie to please say yes as it would mean everything to her.

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