B&B Friday Update 2/14/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/14/14


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt finishes preparing things for his big Valentine's date with Hope. Grabbing roses and candies, he opens the door to let her in. Hope gasps and looks pleased with his arrangements.

Katie looks depressed in her office. Liam knocks on her door and asks her if she has a minute. She tells him to come in. Liam says he's been doing a lot of distracting himself with work too. Katie says they might as well be productive. Liam tells Katie that he saw Ridge and asks her if she knows Ridge is marrying Brooke. Katie reveals that she does know and says just like she wanted him to. Liam sighs in response to her words.

Ridge asks for Rick to give Brooke and him his full support if possible while Bill shows up to Brooke's home with flowers to wish her a happy Valentine's Day. Brooke does not look happy to see Bill at her doorstep.

Liam tells Katie that she doesn't have to pretend she's okay with this to him if she doesn't really feel that way. Katie says she's not pretending, Ridge is making the right choice. Liam asks if it really is seeing that Ridge has feelings for her. Katie tells Liam that this wedding is for the best but Liam disagrees that denying her feelings for the rest of her life is what's best for everyone. Katie sighs and looks away from Liam.

Rick tells Ridge that he'll always support his mother but he's not about to throw him a bachelor party anytime soon showing he still doesn't like Ridge. Ridge asks Rick to be his best man which stuns Rick.

Bill barges into Brooke's home. He tells her he has their entire day planned. Seeing Brooke's sour face he tells her he's not trying to pressure her but it's Valentine's and he's sure she doesn't want to spend it alone. Bill tells her he's not giving up on her even if she's mad at him. Brooke tells Bill she has something she needs to tell him leaving him curious.

Hope tells Wyatt that her mother got engaged to Ridge and hopes he's not upset over it not being Bill. Wyatt is stunned to hear that and tells Hope he just talked to his dad yesterday who was so confident he'd win Brooke back. He says he can't help but feel bad for him but says not that he's thinking about his  dad, because it's Valentine's Day, and he has much more important things to think about. Hope and Wyatt share a kiss.

Liam warns Katie that swallowing her feelings is only going to cause more harm. Katie says no betraying her sister would; she is not Brooke. Katie begs Liam to leave this alone even if he means well. She says he has to stop. Liam says stop saying what she already knows. Katie says yes before realizing what Liam just did there and she says she can't listen to this anymore. She says Ridge is with Brooke and that's how it's supposed to be before leaving the office. Rick agrees to be Ridge's best man after he has Ridge promise he will not hurt Brooke ever again.

Brooke tells Bill that even if he's not used to giving up he has to try because him and her are not happening, ever. Bill just smiles and says they can discuss that over dinner. Brooke drops the bomb on Bill by telling him she's engaged and Ridge and her are getting married. Hope tells Wyatt that she had a great day with him and tells him that he's proven he's a better man with his actions and words. She says she believes it and he should believe it too. Wyatt smiles looking touched at Hope's words. Bill argues with Brooke over her choice but Brooke remains strong. She tells him to go back to Katie because he's the only man for her. She tells him to go be with her because she's with Ridge now and that's how it's going to be. Bill doesn't look like he's ready to listen to her.

Katie goes to the park for some alone time. Sitting on the grass she reads from the poetry book that Ridge read from during their family day at the park. She thinks of her memories with him, her son and R.J. while Ridge takes a walk nearby.

Bill tells Brooke to give him back those papers where Katie signed him back his company. He says if he gets those back, then they can have it all, just him, her, Will and the company. Brooke tells him she's not going to do that and Bill tells her he loves her and only her. Brooke tells him to stop it and finally leaves. Brooke wipes away her tears looking overwhelmed.

Katie and Ridge continue walking in the park while thinking of the poem they read together.

Liam thinks of Hope and not being with her on Valentine's Day while Hope spends time with Wyatt, and Liam is no where on her mind. Wyatt and Hope talk about how grateful they are for each other and how much they love one another. Hope wishes Wyatt a happy Valentine's Day as they share another kiss.

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