B&B Thursday Update 2/13/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/13/14


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke and Ridge tell their family that they are getting married. Ridge and Brooke's family congratulate them on their wedding announcement. They think of doing a simple courthouse wedding but Eric and Donna insists they do a ceremony at the Forrester mansion. Donna says it will be so romantic getting married where they first met. Brooke smiles at that idea.

Katie asks her secretary to make sure she's busy if she's at work. Liam tries to talk to Katie again about her feelings for Ridge. Katie insists to Liam that all she and Ridge had was a friendship. Liam asks why she's talking about it like it's in the past tense then, if it's just a friendship. Katie says because Ridge is going back to Brooke. She tells Liam to just stop talking about this but Liam says he can't. He says Katie is always putting everyone else before her and never looks at her own needs. He says Brooke doesn't even know what an incredible gift she gave her.

Bill tells Wyatt that his mother was coming onto him and that she wants him leaving Wyatt in shock. Bill says she's crazy and Wyatt quips does he really want to get into a debate about which one of his parents are crazier. Bill falls silent and punches his punching bag. Wyatt assures Bill that his mother is more interested in his relationship with Hope than starting one for herself. Bill says he heard that was going well and asks if it's serious and Wyatt says it depends what he means by that. Wyatt tells his father about how Hope forgave him for his mistake at work and Bill says that's good. Wyatt says that's it and Bill says he gave Liam a really hard time with Hope earlier because he couldn't understand why he always felt he had to prove himself to her. He says that was because he couldn't understand why any man would want to do that, but now he does because of his feelings for Brooke.

Ridge and Brooke discuss the details of their wedding while Donna wonders why Katie isn't here. Brooke says she wants to tell Katie on her own.

Liam asks Katie if she doesn't have just as much of a right to happiness as Brooke. Sighing, Katie says she's not going to say one more word on this subject. Liam tells Katie she's a good person and he gets that she sees being with Ridge as doing what her sister did to her and being a hypocrite. He says but why did she tell Ridge to marry her if he didn't want to yet. Katie says because he came back for Brooke he loves her and always has. Liam says Ridge has feelings for her too which he saw with his own eyes. Katie says not every feeling should be pursued but Liam insists that Ridge and her haven't even had a chance. Katie tells him he's not helping the situation. Liam gives Katie some heartfelt advice and tells her if there is one thing that life has taught him then it is that if someone makes you happy, you should be with them. He says don't wait for it to look good to others, for the circumstances to be right just be with them, because nothing is worse than having a chance and letting it slip away.

Hope and Rick discuss Brooke and Ridge's upcoming wedding. Hope is thrilled with the news but Rick is suspicious of Ridge wondering if he wanted to be with Brooke, why did it take him so long to propose. He says he doesn't want to see his mother get hurt again but Hope says it won't happen. All the guilt their mother had over Bill is gone and this is a brand new chapter in her life. She says she finally has a chance to be  truly happy with Ridge.

Bill tells Wyatt that he's not concerned about Ridge and Brooke getting back together as he has taken no action to claim her as of yet. He says so the door is still open for him if he can get Brooke to stop worrying about Katie. Wyatt says that's a big if. Bill nods and says he has plans for Brooke for Valentine's Day, big plans, and there is no way Ridge can compete with them.

Liam goes to talk to Ridge about Katie and is stunned to learn that Ridge proposed to Brooke and they are getting married.

Brooke goes to see Katie at her office. Katie tells her that this is a surprise. Brooke says she has even bigger surprise for her that could made a huge difference in their lives. Katie says the way she's smiling can mean only one thing. She asks if Ridge wants to work things out but Brooke tells her that it's better; Ridge wants to marry her and he proposed. Katie looks caught off guard and struggles to smile at the news.

Liam tries to tell Ridge not to give up on Katie so fast but Ridge thanks him for his concern and tells him he's committed to Brooke and his family.

Brooke tells Katie that she promised she'd never be a problem for her again and she won't. She says she wants to move on with her and whatever else they are comes second to the fact that they are sisters. Katie says yes, they are. Crying, she hugs Brooke and tells her she is happy for her.

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