B&B Wednesday Update 2/12/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/12/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge wants this for the two of them. Ridge asks her to put the ring back on her finger. He asks her to marry him and be his wife. Brooke sheds a tear.

Liam thanks Katie for this and for her faith in him. He thinks that he was going to get fired and he got promoted. Katie knows that Bill did not set out to hurt her. Liam thinks that Katie has feelings for Ridge. Katie jokingly wants to take back the promotion. Katie explains that whatever was going on between the two of them is over.

Bill wonders why Quinn did that. Quinn explains she was so young and innocent. She is glad she ran into him. She is glad about the kiss too. Bill thinks Quinn is coming on to him and she will be disappointed. Bill shows Quinn that he is not losing his touch. Quinn knows that Bill knows he is not the only game in town anymore. Bill knows that Ridge is around but he is not worried. Bill explains that Katie has moved on with her work and what have you. Quinn thinks that Ridge would be idea for Katie.

Katie refuses to do what Brooke did to her. Katie knows that they always find there way back to each other. Katie explains that Brooke says she has changed. This is about her though and she refuses to become a hypocrite. Katie insisted that Ridge propose to Brooke.

Ridge knows that Brooke was not expecting this. Brooke remembers when she asked Ridge to marry her he needed more time. Ridge does not want to lose anymore. Ridge asks Brooke to say she will marry him.

Bill asks how things are going with Eric and Quinn. Quinn explains that things are not that way with the two of them. She does not think anyone can compete with Stephanie. Bill thinks she is still trying to compete. Bill believes that she is obsessive compulsive. Quinn explains that he is just the same. Quinn notices that Bill is working out probably for Brooke. Quinn asks what is so entrancing about the Logan woman. She does not get it. She understands Brooke's attraction and Donna if you like sluts but Katie seems to prim and proper and would work better with Ridge.

Katie asks Liam to let this go. Katie tells Liam that Ridge and Brooke are going to get back together and things will go perfect for the two of them. Liam asks if Ridge feels the same way she does about Bill. Katie knows it doesn't. Liam knows she is trying to do the right thing but she should follow her heart. Katie thinks that she was just lonely. Liam thinks that Ridge wants open and honest right now.

Ridge knows that he should have been a little more grand with this. Brooke does not need any of that. Brooke just hopes that nothing will ever happen between the two again. She will only accept the proposal if they are forever.

Bill asks if Quinn has some place to be. Quinn explains she doesn't. Quinn reminds Bill that he slept with Brooke and got dumped by Katie.

Katie knows that Brooke will always be the love of Ridge's life. Katie remembers that Stephanie was dead against Brooke and Ridge being together. Katie begs Liam to stop talking about this subject. Liam tells Katie to name something that the two of them have in common that Brooke and Ridge do not. Katie mentions poetry. Katie does think it is funny that the two of them are just getting to know each other. Katie though thinks that Ridge and Brooke will be the perfect couple as soon as they get married.

Brooke does not want to get left the moment things get tough again. Ridge remembers the first time that he laid eyes on her at his mothers party. Ridge tells Brooke that they can have everything if they agree to get married. Brooke says yes for the last time. The two kiss passionately.

Bill asks when his personal life became Quinn's concern. Quinn is just putting everything together. She believes that Bill is not exactly winning this game of his. Bill has plans for valentines day that he knows are going to work out. Ridge is part of the past. He knows that Katie will find another man that is worthy for her and it will be anyone but Ridge.

Katie thinks about Ridge while she is at her desk.

Brooke asks who they should tell first. Ridge thinks that they should tell RJ. Brooke thinks they should surprise RJ. Brooke loves Ridge a lot. The two kiss again passionately. The two look at each other and smile.

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