B&B Tuesday Update 2/11/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/11/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie knows they both know it or they should that they have to stop. Ridge told Katie how he feels. Katie tells him that this cannot happen.

Brooke is shocked to learn about the fake robbery. Hope explains that she has become so close with Wyatt. Her trip was just so stunning. Wyatt is like no man she has ever met. Brooke wonders about Liam. Hope will always love him but she is with Wyatt now. She knows nothing like what Wyatt did will not happen again. Hope asks about Ridge and Bill.

Ridge gets done doing push ups and Quinn shows up. Quinn asks if Wyatt is around. Bill explains he is not. Bill wonders what he can do for Quinn. Quinn explains that she needs to talk to Bill about Wyatt. Quinn tells Bill that Hope and Wyatt are officially an item. Quinn believes that Wyatt needs his support. Bill believes that Liam needs his support. Quinn asks how Brooke is doing these days.

Brooke tells Hope that she is no longer an item with Bill. She intends to keep her promise to Katie. Ridge is the only man she wants in her life.

Katie misses having a family that operates as a unit. She assumed that having a child meant that it was for better or for worst. Katie has loved every minute and has not felt like this for a long time. Katie knows that RJ and Will can always be close and that does not have to stop. However they do.

Bill explains that Brooke is holding out. Quinn wonders if it is for something better. Quinn remembers when they were together. Quinn asks why she is holding out. Bill knows that Brooke is just trying to be a good sister. Bill believes that Brooke has to put things behind her. Quinn knows that she is no match for Brooke or him. Bill believes that she is no better than Brooke.

Hope thinks that Brooke is very confident. Brooke knows what Ridge has liked through the years. Brooke does not think that losing Ridge is an option. Hope thinks that is called love. Hope wonders if she felt the same way about Bill. Brooke explains she felt something with Bill but not love.

Katie knows they have both been hurt but to be honest she already is caught up in Ridge. Ridge feels like they are just meeting but they have known each other along time. Katie was a teenager back then. Katie notes it has been a long time since she has been appreciated for being her. Katie sorry but these feelings are so confusing. Katie does not want to be her sister but whatever this is, its not her. She remembers the other day watching the kids thinking this should be her life but it was all a fantasy. This is not real and Ridge could never be hers. Ridge does not think she should feel guilty. Katie tells him they just have to stop. Katie tells Ridge to go back to Brooke. Ridge and Brooke are meant to be. Katie is her friend. Katie does not want to be Brooke. If this does not stop that is who she will turn into. She asks him to tell her this will stop.

Quinn wonders why Brooke. Bill explains she is unpredictable and many things. Most importantly they are connected. Quinn mentions she is not the most loyal bitch in the kennel though. Bill explains that she has been loyal to some. Bill does not think even Katie cares anymore. Quinn asks if there is another man. Bill does not think of one. Quinn explains that Katie still cares.

Brooke hopes that Katie and Bill will get back together. Hope wonders if she has to get to a press event. Brooke explains she does.

Katie tells Ridge to go home and go back to Brooke. Katie tells Ridge to forgive her and move on. Ridge asks if she has forgiven her. Katie says she is trying. She has an amazing son and so does he. Ridge should be the symbol of Forrester strength that he has always been. Katie does want this the suffering has to stop. Katie knows that there children see the suffering. Katie begs Ridge to marry Brooke and put there family back together. Ridge leaves. Katie cries.

Bill tells Quinn he will tell Wyatt to call if he sees him. Quinn thanks him. Bill is shocked to hear that coming out of Quinn's mouth. Quinn does hate him but she does admire him. He gave her there son. Quinn kisses Bill Quinn explains she had to see if it still felt the same.

Katie plays with Will. Katie thinks about her time with Ridge that they had spent together.

Brooke shows up back at the office. Ridge shows up behind her. Ridge explains she is going to be a bit late to her press conference. Ridge explains he has done a lot of thinking. Ridge asks if Brooke would like some water. Brooke says no. Ridge explains when he was a boy he drove a truck with a trailer. Brooke did not know that about him. Ridge backed a truck in reverse and it was not easy. Ridge explains that his life has been like that always. He has never known what he needs. He does know now. What he wants is her. Ridge asks Brooke to marry him.

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