B&B Monday Update 2/10/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/10/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick wonders if they should wait for Hope or not. Brooke explains that she was out late with Wyatt. Everyone tries to figure out who Hope is with right now. Rick asks when Maya and Carter plan to get married. Carter explains that Maya cannot agree on a date. Rick tells them they have to come up with a time.

Katie explains that she needs to talk to Liam about the announcement involving him. Katie tells Liam that things are not so great with Bill and her. She explains that she wants to build a new team and she feels that Liam would be better as vice president of Spencer Publications. Liam has a look of shock on his face.

Maya explains that she would be more than happy to choose a date. Ridge tells her that Brooke is more than capable of helping plan a wedding. Maya thanks all of them but she actually has to go do something with Oliver right now. Ridge tells Maya that she can have the wedding at the Forrester estate. Carter asks Maya if they can do it. Maya thinks it is a wonderful idea and they should talk about it after the meeting.

Katie believes that Liam deserves this. Liam is beyond honored and grateful. Liam thinks that Katie is doing a great job. Katie is thankful for Liam. Liam does need to mention one thing. He came over last night and he didn't want to interrupt but he thought he saw something between Katie and Ridge.

Oliver and someone play with some puppies and Maya shows up. Maya sees the puppies and thinks they are adorable. Maya asks what Oliver is doing with the puppies. Oliver explains it is gotcha day. Oliver shows Maya the photos and explains that she looks amazing. Maya says she is sorry and that she has to say something. Maya explains the kiss was a mistake. She should not have let it happen and they cannot do it again.

Carter thinks that Maya was overwhelmed with the offer. Rick explains that he has things he has to do and Carter decides to leave too. Brooke brings up weddings and Ridge knew she was going to say that.

Oliver did not mean to make her feel uncomfortable. Maya just thinks the kiss was a bad idea. Maya explains she is really in love with her fiancÚ and she does not want to let him down. Oliver knows it should not have happened and he should be blamed. She should not feel guilty. Maya thanks him for understanding. Carter texts Maya to meet him in the steam room. Maya really likes working with Oliver. Oliver hopes this does not effect there relationship.

Liam is not judging her at all but he was not expecting to see what he saw. Katie explains they are just friends but she would appreciate it if he did not say anything. Liam promises. Katie explains that Ridge has been very supportive. Katie talks about the other day. Katie knows that Ridge has a life with Brooke. Liam asks if Katie plans to live her life alone. Liam thinks Katie has real feelings for Ridge.

Carter hopes that it is Maya that has come in. The two kiss each other in the steam room. Carter remembers the last time they were in here. Maya thinks they should do this more often. Carter would like that very much. Carter would really like to marry her. Maya was just thinking the same thing. Carter cannot believe that Ridge is letting them get married at the Forrester estate. Maya changes the subject and starts kissing Carter.

Liam might be wrong but he was picking up on a vibe. Katie will not lie she does care about him and he has been there for her. She would be a huge hypocrite if she did anything. Katie does not think anything will happen. Katie decides to text Ridge to tell him that she is not interested. Liam does not think that Katie should hold her feelings. Katie believes it was all a fantasy. Nothing can ever happen.

Brooke cannot help but think about there wedding. Including the one that has not happened yet. Ridge asks if Brooke has talked to RJ. Brooke explains that they should wait until both of his parents are living under one roof. Ridge gets a text and explains he has to leave. Brooke tells him she will be waiting.

Maya and Carter continue to kiss and play around in the steam room.

Rick asks what is going on with Ridge and her. Brooke explains that it is just taking a little bit longer. Brooke knows that no one thought Bill and Brooke would happen. Brooke is trying to earn Ridge's respect back. She knows that she is the love of Ridge's life.

Katie explains to Ridge that Liam saw the two of them. She told him nothing was going on between them. She meant what she said last night. She knows that Ridge understands what is going on with her but that it. Ridge does not think that anyone is doing anything wrong. Katie will not do what Brooke did to her. Katie knows that Ridge is a compassionate person but she does not want to feel like she is keeping a secret. She thanks him for being so nice to her, but these feelings are not ok. This has to be the end.

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