B&B Friday Update 2/7/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/7/14


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Hope and Wyatt continue kissing while Aly and Liam have dinner together. Liam asks Aly what kind of impression she has of him seriously. Hope chooses Wyatt over him and she finds him like some typical lonely guy, drowning his sorrows in alcohol. Aly tells Liam that drowning is not allowed on her watch and tells him to consider her his personal floatation device. Liam smiles at Alyís words. Katieís doorbell rings and she wonders who that could be. Ridge and R.J. arrive and Katie is happy to see them, calling R.J., Willís favourite cousin. Ridge thanks Katie for calling them over. Katie says they are so good with Will itís nice to have them over. Ridge smiles at Katie while R.J. begins to play with Will.

Ridge and Katie reflect on the day they spent with the kids at the park. Ridge says that it was a day well spent leaving Katie to smile and says yes. Liam asks Aly ,who she has a crush on him, catching her off guard. Liam says why else would she be dressed like that and look so pretty. He asks if heís one of the waiters that sheís crushing on and tells her to give him a kick from under the table when he passes by and heíll butt out but Aly tells him she doubts heíd notice her. Liam laughs and says he highly doubts that because she looks beautiful.. Aly blushes and smiles to herself while Liam remains oblivious that itís him whom she has a crush on. Hope asks Wyatt if heís ready for another trip. Wyatt says what and Hope says she had fun and sheís ready for another adventure. They think about when they made love on the beach and Hope says though they donít have to live up to that trip every time. Wyatt promises her that theyíll just keep getting better and better. Hope smiles looking pleased.

Aly tells Liam that he didnít have to switch to water on her account. Liam says this is better. He says if he drank anymore then heíd be going on and on about Hope and boring her to death. Aly says thatís okay; sheís a great listener. Liam asks how things are going for her now that her dad is in Paris. Aly says good, living with her grandfather helps. Liam says thatís good and smiles. Aly asks him if he wants to pass a message along to Steffy in Paris since her dad sees her everyday now. Liam thanks her and says that being married to Steffy was a very special time in his life and he will always love her but that chapter is closed. He says he wants to be with Hope now and he still thinks itís possible. Aly smiles and says then it is possible then.

Wyatt thinks back to Hope and his trip. Catching the look on his face Hope asks him what itís about and Wyatt says heís just happy. Hope says she is too. Wyatt says talk about facing the worst. He says they did and theyíre still here. Hope says thatís because she trusts him to never do anything like he did ever again. Wyatt laughs and says he wonít. Wyatt says that he messed up but now they are moving on to more fun adventures. Wyatt and Hope share a passionate kiss. Katie and Ridge come out of the fort he built for the kids. Katie says she didnít know he was so good at building forts. Ridge says there is more to him than pretty dresses. Katie smiles and says she can see that. Ridge asks Katie if sheíd like to take Will to watch soccer sometime or hockey and Katie says of course and sounds excited. Katie thanks Ridge for today. She says watching R.J. play with Will and she canít tell him how much it meant to her. She says itís about the simple things like playing soccer in the park and itís not all about business and money and control. She says thank you and a tender look is shared between them before Ridge awkwardly says heís going back in the fort. Katie says okay and smiles when heís gone.

Ridge tells Katie that he thinks itís cool that sheís running Spencer. She says she bets he didnít think thatís what sheíd be doing when he first met her. Ridge says heís always thought that she was driven. Katie looks stunned and explains herself by saying no one else in her family ever said she was and thatís probably because sheís the youngest so she was never expected to grow up. She says Donna and Brooke tend to see her as weak sometimes. Ridge says he thought she was shy yes but never weak. He says she was smart to watch her sisters and learn from their mistakes then make her own decisions. He tells Katie itís strange how after knowing her for so long he feels now that heís only just met her. Katie smiles and looks at Ridge.

Aly is saddened to hear Liam say that heís going to wait for Hope instead of move on with someone else. Liam sees Wyatt as just another obstacle in their road to be together while Aly feels itís much more than that but Liam isnít seeing it. Hope and Wyatt start to make love. Liam gets a memo from Katie about an executive meeting sheís going to be holding about him. Liam has to go but thanks Aly for listening to him. Hope and Wyatt make love to each other. Ridge gets a text telling him Brooke is home. He tells R.J. to go buckle up while he talks to Katie about scheduling when they can go to a hockey game. Katie hugs R.J. goodbye as he leaves and says she and Will will see him again soon. Ridge asks Katie if she wants to talk about it. Katie says yes and moves to get her schedule but Ridge grabs her arm. He tells her that he knows sheís feeling something and heís feeling it to.

Ridge tells Katie that she deserves to be admired, and appreciated and desired. Katie looks extremely touched at his words as she falls speechless. Ridge leans in to kiss Katie as Liam arrives. Liam hides in the doorway to give them their privacy but he watches them from the corner. As Ridge is about to kiss her, Katie pulls away and starts to cry. She says she canít do this, she cantí do this to her sister. Ridge looks sad but nods his head in understanding.

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