B&B Thursday Update 2/6/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/6/14


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt tells Hope that their road trip was them doing things his way but tonight is just a quite, romantic evening at home that she would like. He gives Hope a rose before they share a kiss. Oliver sees Liam arriving and tells the bartender to get him a drink because it looks like he needs one. Liam sits down and sighs saying Oliver has no idea how much. Quinn tells someone that she is so glad that they came and smiles.

Aly asks Quinn why she wanted to see her and Quinn bluntly says that Liam needs her leaving her stunned. Liam complains to Oliver and his friend about Hopes decision to go back to Wyatt. He says he thought shed do the exact opposite. Gulping down some beer he glares and says that Hope is probably with Wyatt right now. Hope compliments Wyatt on the atmosphere hes rung up for their date. Wyatt apologizes for taking the diamond again and admits it was a stupid idea from the start. Hope says shes glad he sees that now. Wyatt promises Hope that he will never keep anything from her again leaving her to smile.

Quinn tries to flatter Aly by talking about her excellent taste in shoes and motivating her about her own footwear line but Aly asks her what it was about Liam that she asked to see her for. Quinn tells Aly that with Hope and Wyatt now being together, Liam could really use a friend right now. Aly says shes sure he knows he can talk to her if he needs to. Quinn sees that Aly isnt catching her drift so she asks if she can be blunt. Aly says she wishes she would. Quinn says that Aly is obviously nuts over Liam leaving Aly to blush. Oliver asks Liam if hes ready to move on yet but Liam says no, Hope is the only woman alive for him. Oliver says it must be hard on him then, knowing shes with Wyatt now. Liam says its excruciating and he knows that nothing good can come out of her being associated with those Fullers. Oliver asks Liam if he really believes they are bad people and Liam lists out everything horrible that they have already done to him. When he reached the end of his list, Oliver says he gets his point now.

Hope tells Wyatt, that she told Liam, that they were in a relationship now and that means forgiveness and working things out, not walking away. Wyatt looks happy as he says and here she is. Hope says yes and that is because it feels good to be here. Wyatt laughs to himself. Hope says he makes her really happy and Wyatt says that was his goal all along. Hope tells him though that he cant ever do anything like that jewel heist ever again no matter how sexy he is. Wyatt says so she thinks hes sexy. Hope says yes and they share a passionate kiss.

Liam asks Oliver if he gets why hes concerned now and Oliver says yes. Liam says the Fullers lie like they breathe and who knows what other skeletons they have hidden up in the closet. Liam rants out his frustrations over Hope not seeing Wyatt for who he is. Oliver says when it comes to attraction, sensibility tends to go out the window. Liam agrees and says Hopes too trusting and Wyatt isnt worthy and hes going to hurt her, or his mother will unless he stops them. Oliver advises that Liam should just let things run their course but Liam says he cant do that because they are dangerous and he has to protect Hope. Hope and Wyatt continue making out on the floor before Hope brings up Wyatts mother. Wyatt tells her that his mother may not be a good listener but she does listen to him. He assures Hope that she wont butt her nose in their way ever again. He promises her that there will be no more manipulating and no more tricks. Quinn gives Aly a makeover and sends her to have dinner with Liam with ulterior motives.

Liam thanks Oliver for his advice who tells him he has his back before he leaves. Liam is leaving when Aly arrives and Liam is stunned over how pretty she looks. He compliments her and asks if shed like to have dinner together unless shes waiting for someone. Aly tells him shes not and says shed love to have dinner with him. She asks him if he really wants to though, seeing hes upset but Liam tells her he would love to because shes already making him feel better. Aly smiles shyly as Liam smiles back. Wyatt tells Hope he wants to be the kind of man she deserves but Hope tells him he is already. Wyatt says her capacity to forgive is amazing. They share a kiss and pull each other into a hug while smiling.

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