B&B Wednesday Update 2/5/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/5/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie cleans up Will's toys and she has a memory of the other day when she was with Ridge. Donna comes in and notes that Katie was smiling and wonders where she was right now.

Quinn is on her phone and Pam walks in a little scared. Quinn thought that they were friends. Pam explains that she cannot be bought. Wyatt walks in and Quinn asks what happened.

Hope shows up at Liam's house. Liam asks if she is ok. Hope explains she is. Liam tells her that it will be ok because it is all over now. Liam notices that Hope is still wearing the necklass and asks why she is still wearing it. Liam does not want Hope to stay with him. Hope is not going to break up with him. Liam needs a reason to why she cannot walk away right now.

Katie tells Donna that the most important man in her life right now is Will. Donna still thinks that there must be another man in her life. Donna just hopes that he is a good guy because the last one was not. Katie tries to defend Bill. Donna just beieves that he is dangerous. Katie is no longer attracted to men like him. Donna believes she found a good man. Donna hopes that if Katie ever meets a guy like Eric that she hopes she keeps him. Donna offers to babysit if she ever needs a private night. Donna leaves.

Quinn explains that all she did was try to prove that Liam was wrong. Wyatt tells Quinn to stop talking because this just will not work anymore. Wyatt tells her that she almost left him. He has to prove himself.

Liam cannot believe this. Liam remembers how she reacted at the beach. Liam knows that Wyatt tracked her down. Liam wonders if he got fired. Hope tells him that Wyatt has changed as a person. Hope does not mean it the way that she is saying it. Hope decides to leave. Liam tells her not to go. Hope is sorry but she did not come here to hurt him. She just felt like it was the right thing to do after all they had gone through. Liam wants to know why she is doing this. Hope has made her choice. Liam does not believe that Hope can trust him. Hope believes that she can. Hope tells him that Wyatt and she are dating. When you are in a relationship you have to try and work things out. Hope starts to cry.

Katie thinks about her day in the park with Ridge and the others and all the fun things they all did together.

Wyatt knows this is all knew to him. He cannot get carried away and neither can Quinn. Wyatt explains this trip was a huge step forward until Liam showed up. He is not going to take anything forgranted. Quinn tells Wyatt not to let Liam interfear. Wyatt tells Quinn to understand how important this is for her to not do anything.

Hope really believes they can get past this. Liam believes that intergrity is not something you can learn. Liam wonders about another scandal. Hope wonders if she should have even come to him about this. Liam tells Hope that he has seen what Quinn and Wyatt are capable of and Hope just is not getting this. Liam wonders if this is because of Steffy. Hope believes she feels commited to him. Liam knows that you cannot help how you feel. Hope thanks him for always looking out for her. She hugs Liam. Liam says always. The two hug and Hope continues to cry.

Quinn tells someone on the phone she has a job for them involving Liam Spencer.

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