B&B Tuesday Update 2/4/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/4/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick thinks Wyatt and Quinn should be out the door and locked up but this is up to Hope. Wyatt knows she is mad and knows he does not deserve a second chance, but if his company loses this, it will be bad. He was not thinking at all. He does not want the majority punished for something that he did.

Liam sees Quinn and jokes that he needs a necklace made for Hope. Quinn asks if he is high. Quinn tells Liam that Wyatt and Hope are together. Liam explains to her that they are back in town.

Ridge and RJ want to do the secret handshake. RJ says she can learn but she cannot tell anyone. Brooke does not even know. Bill and Katie are clearly falling for each other. Katie is glad Ridge and RJ can join them. RJ would love to go to school in LA and do this kind of stuff more often.

Quinn tells Liam that Wyatt took Hope on a road trip. Liam says he went to find them. Quinn cannot believe that he went after them. Liam tells Quinn that Hope and everyone know about the diamond heist. It is over now.

Hope wants to know how they can trust him again. Rick tells her that it is her choice if they keep him or not. It is her call.

Quinn does not think that footage defines Wyatt. Liam explains that Wyatt has no integrity. He explains Hope was devastated to learn that Wyatt was just lying the entire time.

Hope believes that he had many times to tell the truth. Wyatt knows but did not want people to think otherwise. Hope decides that they can stay at Forrester only because other people are involved. If anything else happens though it is over. Rick wonders if Hope is ok with this. Hope is. Rick tells Wyatt he is a lucky man and not to screw it up. Wyatt thanks Hope. Hope tells him that they are no longer together.

Katie holds Will and watches as Ridge and RJ play ball in the park.

Liam thinks that Wyatt played everyone including Hope. Quinn thinks that Hope will see past this. Liam does not believe this to be true. Quinn told him that Wyatt made a mistake. Quinn believes they will work this out. Liam does not see him charming his way out of this.

Hope is not going to be with him anymore. Wyatt knows he messed up. he just wanted to do something special. He is sorry and knows he cannot take this back. He can give his word though. He will never do this again. He just wants one more chance.

Katie thinks RJ is a good kid and is good with Will. Ridge thinks Paris was great but wonders why he is not in LA. He needs to bring him back. Katie thinks RJ is lucky to have a dad like him. Ridge tells Katie not to tell him anymore to go back to Brooke because it would be like him telling her to go back to Bill. They need to do this on their own.

Ridge wonders if Will would be a soccer player. Katie thinks he might. Katie explains she used to play in high school. Ridge and Katie decide to challenge each other in soccer. The two kick around the ball and Katie giggles as Ridge jokingly trash talks her. Katie finally scores and decides she is done.

Quinn wants to know where they are now. Liam explains that Wyatt is probably begging her right now. Quinn is happy that he is doing that then. Liam thinks they are getting fired. Quinn tells him to be quite. To go back to Paris with Steffy.

Wyatt cannot lose Hope. He kisses her and she does not stop him. Wyatt tells her they can get through it. Wyatt tells her she has to believe him. He will never do this again. Hope says he has one more chance that is it. Wyatt thanks her and promises not to let her down. The two kiss again. Wyatt takes Hope's necklace out of his pocket and Hope nods for him to put it back on her. The two hug.

Ridge and Katie sit down in the shade and Ridge notices Katie's poetry book. Ridge reads some of it. Katie then recites the rest of it from memory. The poem some what emulates what happened to Brooke and Katie.

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