B&B Monday Update 2/3/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/3/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke wants to know what she is looking at. Bill tells her that he is not alone. Brooke sees that Ridge is with a man. Bill says not just any man and he does not think Brooke will like the answer to who he is.

Ridge takes RJ to see Katie and Will. RJ gives Will a gift and Katie thanks him for it. RJ tells everyone that people wouldn't stop talking baby talk to him until second grade.

Hope wonders if this whole trip was staged. Hope wonders if she is a target for liars. Rick gives her a hug.

Liam shows up at his place and Caroline is there. Caroline explains that Bill thinks he spends to much time alone. Caroline then tells the truth and explains she comes here to escape from work.

Hope is shocked to know that Pam knows too. Hope believes they are still criminals and would go to jail either way. She just does not want it to come out in court that this is not real. Hope knows they can terminate both of them for criminal behavior.

Katie and Ridge play with Will and RJ on the ground. RJ tells everyone that it is a fact that only some people like to be tickled. Ridge tickles RJ.

Brooke tells Bill the picture shows Ridge meeting a friend. Bill explains that Ridge never showed him any affection. Brooke says European men are different. Bill explains that he is not European. Ridge was seeing a man in Paris. Brooke cannot actually believe that Bill would think he had an affair with this man. Bill does believe this. Brooke thinks that this shows that Bill is narrow minded. Bill tells her he is not he is just showing her proof. Brooke notices a photo and sees that it is of an ex protégé of Ridge's and tells Bill that is why they are together.

Ridge thinks that people should be in other countries and learn a different language when they are younger. Katie thinks it is funny that home can feel foreign and what have you.

Caroline thinks Hope can be interesting. Liam thinks she is always interesting. Caroline does not think that the truth is always fully told. Such as her mother telling everyone her other mother was the nanny.

Rick thinks that the damage would have been terrible. Hope thinks that Wyatt had a plan he just did not ask the details. Rick wants to know she is defending him. Hope does not know.

Brooke tells Bill they have gay friends but Ridge is not gay. Bill asks then why is Ridge not with her.

Ridge thinks this was a fun visit and asks if RJ likes it RJ asks if he is able to come home. RJ admits he lied about having parent teacher conferences. Ridge is ok with that and tells him that he will have to talk to Brooke about this. RJ promises not to lie again. Katie wonders if it is not to much trouble for them to drop off Katie and Will at the park. Ridge says not if they can go with them. Katie thinks that sounds great.

Caroline thinks Hope is fed up with both of them. Liam does not think that is the case. Caroline thinks that Hope will forgive him because he adores her and no one else.

Rick is disgusted with Wyatt. Wyatt tells Rick that he looked at what he did before he was around. Rick does not care and explains that this was a stupid idea. Wyatt knows that what he did hurt Hope and would not do it again now that he knows what he did was wrong.

Bill just does not think their is something right with this. Bill wonders how this is supposed to be a happy ending. Bill knows she did not sleep with him but wants to know how close they went. Bill wonders if he is not gay then what is the story.

Katie and Ridge bring RJ and Will to the park and they play around.

Liam does not think Caroline is very supportive. Caroline does not want to say things that are not true. Liam does not think that Caroline is realistic. Caroline is on no ones side but Quinn being crazy does not matter that she is not a good designer.

Hope explains the only people who know about this are Quinn, Pam, Charlie, and Liam. She knows that Liam won't tell anyone. Rick tells him that he is fired. Wyatt tries to convince Hope that they should not be over. Rick tells Hope that he has never pulled rank before when it comes to her. He wants to know what Hope is going to do fire them or not.

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