B&B Friday Update 1/31/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/31/14


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Justin says now they know what Ridge was up to all this time in Paris. Bill looks pleased and says he wonders what Brooke will think about this.

Brooke continues to urge that Bill is no longer an issue. She says she’s not letting him back in her life after what he did to Katie.

Caroline takes a picture of Katie and her at lunch while Katie smiles at Ridge who smiles back.

Hope asks Wyatt if he was ever planning on telling her the truth. Wyatt admits that he doesn’t know if he would leaving Hope to scream that he is a liar. She says she told him that she wasn’t going to put up with anymore secrets between them. Wyatt looks panicked as he is losing more of Hope with every passing second.

Wyatt tells Hope that he staged the jewel heist because that his what his mother would have done. He says growing up, she was the only role model he had and he’s not blaming her but that is why he is who he is. Wyatt says these past few months though have changed him; he has changed because of her. He says he’s so sorry and begs her to pleas forgive him.

Justin asks Bill if it’s such a good idea to show Brooke these photos. He says Brooke will be shocked and her and Ridge’s relationship will never be the same. Bill says with any luck.

Brooke suggests to Ridge that they try what Hope and Wyatt are doing right now; going on a road trip. She suggests Big Bear but Ridge hesitates. Brooke tries to push him into accepting even though he’s clearly not ready. She says they need to go to Big Bear and touch and love and be themselves again.

Caroline asks Katie if she wants to leave because Brooke is here but Katie says it’s okay. She says she doesn’t know if they will ever have the same relationship again but things are better and they can be in the same room again. Caroline says it must be easier now that she’s not seeing Bill. She asks Katie if she’s hoping Ridge and Brooke get back together because that will help her. Katie says yes she guesses that would help. She goes over to say hello to Ridge at his table. Katie tells Ridge that she’s happy he’s here with Brooke. She tells Ridge to make amends because he knows he wants to. Ridge says he’s working on it but it’s hard. Katie says she knows. Brooke arrives and Katie leaves. Ridge looks uncomfortable with Brooke.

Hope tells Wyatt that faking a robbery is stupid. He could have gotten hurt or arrested. Hope says she could forgive a publicity stunt gone wrong but his not telling her was not a mistake, it was calculated and that was wrong. Wyatt tries to justify himself by saying he just wanted to make her line a hit. Hope refuses to get over the fact that he wasn’t planning on telling her the truth. Wyatt says he was just trying to be the man she needed but Hope says what she needed was honesty. Hope hands Wyatt back the necklace and bracelet he gave her. Hope says there is a certain kind of trust that she needs in a man and she doesn’t know what to do with him. Liam quips in that he has an idea; she could leave Wyatt and come home with him. Wyatt looks furious at Liam’s words.

Bill takes the photos to go show Brooke and says Ridge is pretty stupid to think that he wouldn’t find out as he leaves. Brooke gets a text telling her to pick up her son because his classes are cancelled. Ridge says he’ll go because he misses seeing his son. He asks why he’s in Ohio anyway. Brooke says it’s easier for them. She goes back to talking about how they should take a trip, maybe to see their son and then suggests that Ridge move back in with her leaving him to sigh.

Caroline asks Katie if they should say bye to Ridge and Brooke now that they’re done their lunch but Katie says no they should just leave them be. Caroline brings up how Ridge doesn’t seem that interested in Brooke anymore as her and Katie leave.

Ridge firmly tells Brooke that he’s not ready to move in with her and he doesn’t want to give her false hope leaving her face to fall. Ridge looks up to see Katie as she walks away with Caroline.

Wyatt and Liam get into an argument about who is the better man for Hope while Hope looks annoyed in the background.

Brooke tells Ridge that she’s not asking him to rush into anything but Ridge tells her that asking him to move in is exactly that. Brooke gets a text and she has to leave to get back to work. She tells Ridge to come home whenever he’s ready and leaves.

Liam and Wyatt continue yelling at each other, and Hope having had enough of them takes the trailer and leaves.

Bill barges into Brooke’s office and she asks him to leave but he doesn’t listen to her. Bill shows Brooke pictures of Ridge at a gay pride parade and another of him talking to and hugging an unknown man.

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