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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/30/14


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Hope asks Liam how he found them while Wyatt asks him to leave but Liam says he’s going and so will Hope when she hears what he has to say.

Hearing Rick compliment Wyatt about his part in saving the diamond during the heist, Pam loses it and screams that Wyatt is the problem, not the hero. Rick is stunned.

Ridge thinks back to the time he spent with Katie at her house and how she said he was a good guy especially compared to Bill. Brooke arrives and apologizes to Ridge for putting him on the spot with an engagement ring. She says it  was impulsive and inappropriate which is very like her. Ridge says he used to love that about her and Brooke says yes until she crossed the line with her sister’s husband.

Bill tells Justin to dig up dirt on Ridge being codified that he had to have been up to something in Paris. He says when he finds the truth then Brooke will be his forever.

Justin asks Bill if this search is going to make a difference and Bill says it will because there is no way that Ridge was in Paris for a year alone. Justin says if he digs up dirt on Forrester then Brooke will be made but Bill disagrees. He says he’s doing this because he loves Brooke and wants her to be his wife. Justin says so the plan is to let Brooke see the real Ridge. Bill says that is the plan and says once they expose Ridge for the playboy that he is, things will get better for the both of them.

Ridge tells Brooke that the issue between them is more than just her being with Katie’s husband. He says Paris changed his perspective on a lot of things. Brooke looks curious.

Rick asks Pam what is up with all the Wyatt bashing. Pam tells him she has something she needs to show him that will clear up just how much of a “hero” Wyatt really is.

Wyatt desperately tries to get rid of Liam before he can speak to Hope but Liam refuses to leave. Hope asks him what this is about and Liam says it’s about Wyatt and a certain jewel heist. Wyatt starts to look really scared.

Bill tells Justin he is going for a run and to keep looking for information on Ridge in Paris. He says he’s hiding something and he knows it. Justin promises to find the truth if there is a secret.

Brooke and Ridge continue talking and she asks him about his time in Paris. Ridge asks why she wants to know and she says he just seems different. Ridge says well he had a lot of bombshells thrown at him. Brooke says if she had known he’d come back she wouldn’t have gone to Bill but Ridge doesn’t look happy. He sees Katie arriving and Brooke asks if he wants to call her over. Ridge says no, it’s okay and Brooke says good because she wants to be alone with him. Brooke says Katie is incredible and Ridge agrees. Brooke says that she wants her family back together and so does she.

Katie talks to Caroline about her marriage is Rick and says she keeps thinking it’s honeymoon fever and will end but Katie says with the right man that doesn’t happen. Caroline agrees and Katie takes a moment to glance at Ridge.

Rick is shocked to see the footage of Wyatt taking the diamond. He realizes Wyatt orchestrated this whole robbery. Pam advises Rick to get rid of Wyatt from the company before he causes more trouble. Rick worries over Hope as she is with Wyatt right now but Pam tells him that they are no longer alone as she knows Liam went after Hope.

Liam shows Hope the video with Wyatt taking the diamond and Hope realizes what he’s trying to tell her. Hope freaks out when she realizes that two men are in jail for something they didn’t do. She asks Liam for a moment with Wyatt and Wyatt looks very scared.

Brooke continues to try and push Ridge to forgive her and move on. She comes on to him at the restaurant by playing footsie with him, something that Ridge looks uncomfortable at. Katie sees Brooke and what she is doing and looks disgusted. Justin finds something on Ridge and looks stunned as he stares at his computer screen.

Rick phones Liam and asks if he can let him speak to Hope. Liam says no because she’s talking to Wyatt. He says he hopes she’s breaking up with him. Wyatt tries to justify himself but Hope doesn’t want to hear it. She tells him that he’s made a mockery out of everything she cares about in one stupid move. Hope says she gave herself to him and he gave her a lie. She moves to leave but Wyatt stops her and begs her to listen to him.

Brooke urges to Ridge that Bill and her are over but Ridge isn’t willing to move on yet. Brooke says this is a lot harder on him that she thought it would be and Ridge says yes it is. Ridge glances at Katie who smiles at him.

Bill gets back from his run and Justin shows him what he’s found, something which leaves Bill in shock.

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