B&B Wednesday Update 1/29/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/29/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope and Wyatt toast and Hope loves the experience. Wyatt notes that the drinks are emerald because they are at Emerald Bay. Hope gets it and laughs. She kisses him.

Charlie thinks that they must have been at Emerald Bay. Pam wonders why it would be there. Charlie thinks that he has emeralds on the brain as it is what Quinn is now making for her collection. Liam agrees.

Brooke explains that she tried Bill's phone several times and he was not picking up. Brooke asks Bill to put his shirt back on. Bill wonders if she can control herself. Brooke wonders the last time she saw Katie. She was over at her house earlier and she was thanking her for supporting her with Ridge and her proposal. Bill asks if he accepted. He can tell from her tone that he did not.

Charlie wonders what made sense. Liam explains that Wyatt said that he would be green with envy. Liam is going after them. He is going to get Hope. Charlie says he will send the footage. Charlie is sorry for not doing this sooner.

Hope thinks this was a huge step going away with him. She believes that after last night they now know each other in every way that truly counts. The two kiss again.

Brooke wonders when was the last time he saw Katie. Brooke explains that everything is different again. Bill knows that things are not different. Bill believes that Brooke has a completely different set of standards for Brooke than he does for himself.

Liam is on the road. Liam thinks about what he and Wyatt had talked about.

Hope cannot believe that he told Liam that. Wyatt had to rub it in to Liam that he got Hope. Hope explains that he did not know as of yet. Wyatt explains that he had planned everything out for the perfect woman.

Brooke believes that it is all about Katie in this situation and if Bill wanted Katie then he would have Katie. Brooke tells Bill that he can have both his company and Katie if he works hard enough. Brooke explains that Katie has been reading poetry lately. Bill believes that Ridge should be kicked to the curve.

Charlie sent the footage to Liam. Charlie knows that Liam will find Hope. Pam tells Charlie that he is not responsible. This is all Wyatt and Quinn's fault. She knows that Hope values honesty. Charlie knows that Liam is going to show Hope the real Wyatt.

Liam is forty miles from Emerald Bay.

Hope thinks that this trip is filled with perfect moments. Wyatt tells Hope to close her eyes. Hope asks how long she should keep them closed. Wyatt takes out an emerald bracelet.

Liam tries to call Hope's cell phone again. He does not get her to pick up.

Hope does not peak she promises. Hope wants to know what is going on. Wyatt has her reach out in front of her. Hope touches something and asks what it is.

Pam gets back to her desk. Charlie comes over and asks if they have any sign of Quinn. Charlie shows Pam the new emeralds that just came in. Pam thinks the tables are about to turn on Quinn. Charlie believes that Liam will be there right now. Charlie hopes that Liam introduces Wyatt to black and blue.

Liam is five miles away.

Bill explains that Katie and him share a son but nothing is going to change. Bill wants her not Katie. Bill believes that Ridge will not change at all. Brooke does not think that Ridge will do anything. Bill believes that Brooke does not know anything about what happened in Paris. Brooke does not believe that their is anything to know. Bill wonders if he had a whole other life over there that he feels guilty about. He asks if Brooke has ever considered that. Brooke thinks this is beneath Bill. Brooke explains that Ridge and her are fine. Bill wonders why Ridge has not told her anything yet. Bill believes that the answer could possibly surprise her. Brooke still believes in him and Katie. Bill still believes in him and Brooke. Brooke leaves. Bill calls Justin and asks him to look into what Ridge was up to in France for a year. Bill wants to know who he was with.

Liam finally arrives.

Pam is a sucker for love but Wyatt needs to make it right. Pam cannot believe that he used Charlie. Pam has a few choice words as well.

Hope looks at it and loves it. Hope puts everything together and thinks that having a jeweler as a boyfriend is a good thing. Wyatt is happy that she called him her boyfriend. The two kiss passionately. Liam shows up and says game over. He says rock and roll.

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