B&B Tuesday Update 1/28/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/28/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope did not know how much she needed a break. Wyatt tells her that she should always listen to him. Wyatt wonders if there is nothing she would like to take back. Hope says she wants more than that. Wyatt says he can make that happen.

Charlie thought that Pam had her fooled. Pam explained that Quinn was way to happy around her. She just played along. She hates when people think she is an air head. They decide to go see Liam.

Liam thinks about times when he was with Hope.

Ridge likes that was done with the dress. Caroline thinks that it is way more elegant. Caroline tells the models to be professional.

Brooke comes to see Katie. Brooke tells Katie her support with Ridge yesterday was very much a good surprise for Brooke. Brooke hugs Katie.

Caroline asks Ridge if this is the right amount of cloth that needs to be taken off. Rick does not like how Ridge is changing things. Rick does not like how it looks different than the branding. Caroline likes it though.

Katie knows that Brooke wants to be with Ridge. Brooke does not know if he will come back. Katie thinks that Ridge is still in shock right now. Brooke understands that she needs to be more patient. Brooke believes that she is close to being a real sister to her again. Katie knows she is her sister and thinks that if RJ can have to parents it would be great. When it comes to Bill though, Will would be fine in a divided home. Brooke knows that Bill was her biggest mistake.

Pam and Charlie come to see Liam. Liam tells them ok but he is trying to learn where Hope is. Charlie explains that Quinn did something to him. Charlie tells Liam that Wyatt stole the diamond.

Wyatt tells Hope that he has never been happier in his life. Hope is glad that he is happy. She does not regret anything between the two of them. She thought maybe some character issues would happen. Hope looks for honesty and respect but when Wyatt first showed up it didn't happen. Wyatt does not think that Liam counts but admits it is not nice. He had a reason though. Wyatt was jealous that he could not see straight. Hope believes that Wyatt has redeemed himself. Hope is happy and proud to be with him.

Carter tells Ridge that it must be tough to have all these woman over him. Rick tells Ridge that he only likes Brooke. Carter leaves. Rick tells Ridge he needs to know where he stands with Brooke.

Brooke knows that Ridge needs time with what happened with Bill. Brooke wonders if it would be to much to ask for Katie to keep supporting her and put in a good word for her. Brooke wonders if Ridge is involved with someone else.

Hope wonders where they are going. Wyatt explains that they going on the road and he does not know. Wyatt explains they don't have to go anywhere. Hope tells him that they have to go some where.

Liam can't believe that Charlie would lie. Pam explains that Quinn threatened him. Charlie had the idea that he could have lost his job. Charlie is very sorry. Liam wants to know if he has actual proof. Liam looks at the image. Liam cannot believe this. Pam just found out herself. Pam tells him about the lunch. Charlie is very sorry. Liam does not want him to be this is all on Quinn and Wyatt. He has to some how get this information to Hope.

Rick saw Brooke yesterday and was under the impression that they were going to get engaged yesterday. Ridge believes what Brooke did to Katie is not right. Rick is fine with him not bringing back his family. However this time is some how different than last time. Rick wonders if their is another woman.

Brooke thinks that someone else has to be involved. Brooke needs to let things sit for a while. Brooke has been in love so many times. Brooke knows that Katie has always loved one man. Brooke does not want Katie in another depression. Katie explains she is feeling very well.

Liam decides to call Caroline to see if she knows where they were headed. Caroline tells him that she does not know. Caroline remembers they were going south to surf. Liam looks up a bunch of beaches on the south. He sees Emerald Bay and assumes that would be it.

Hope looks at his necklace and he puts it on. The two toast to many more adventures. Wyatt does not want to go back. Wyatt likes having her all to himself. Wyatt thinks it is great. The two kiss passionately.

Brooke wonders if Katie is all right because she is all alone. Katie says she is fine. She is enjoying her independence. Brooke is surprised to see that Katie is reading poetry again. Katie says that she just got back into it. Brooke tells Katie that when you find something that you love, you need to hold on to it and never let it go.

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