B&B Monday Update 1/27/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/27/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke asks Ridge to say that he will marry her and make them a family again.

Wyatt and Hope kiss with passion outside on the beach and Hope smiles.

Pam wants to know what Wyatt did. Quinn explains that Wyatt did this for Hope. Quinn knows what he did was wrong but it was for the right reasons. If Quinn had known what he was doing he would have stopped it but this is the kind of story that she might tell the grand children one day. Charlie threatens to tells everyone.

Wyatt and Hope continue to kiss each other. Hope notices that their fire is dying. The two start to kiss again.

Rick asks a worker if something has been dropped off. Caroline starts to look up Hope's twitter and is shocked that she has not posted. Caroline thinks she must be dying if she can't post about it. Caroline asks if Brooke is freaked out. Rick says that Brooke is proposing to Ridge.

Brooke has been waiting for Ridge to come home and put the ring back on her finger. She believes that can be a family again just like they had always imagined. Ridge closes Brooke's hand and explains not here. Ridge says it is not going to happen right now. It would not be fair to her or him if he was not sure.

Charlie thinks that to innocent men are in jail because of Wyatt. Quinn does not think that it would matter. Pam cannot believe this is about the diamond robbery. Pam understands that this has been bothering Charlie. Quinn explains to Pam that she has done a prank or two before and this is no different. No one should have to know about this. No harm has happened. They should be able to keep this secret among friends.

Hope lights candles inside. Wyatt thinks it is getting cold. Hope notes it is a good thing they are inside. Hope and Wyatt kiss each other. Wyatt wonders how she likes life on the road. Hope thinks she could get used to it. She thanks him. She was a little nervous with no experience camping but Wyatt has made her feel comfortable and loved.

Brooke wonders what this has to do with. If it is Bill then it is over. Ridge just cannot believe that she did this to Katie. Brooke knows that it was wrong and at the time she was not sure. Brooke explains that Ridge knew he made a mistake and so did she. She asks him to try to get past it. She wants to have Ridge back in her life.

Quinn needs help keeping this a secret. She begs Pam to help him understand. Pam asks if Charlie should be able to get a second chance. Pam understands Charlie's love of the law but sometimes what is right and what is wrong is not always that clear. Charlie has had to deal with this though. Charlie thinks he can keep this a secret. Pam asks if Quinn can promise to never do this again. Quinn says yes. Pam asks if they can get a second chance. Charlie says yes. Quinn hugs Pam and thanks her.

Hope thinks this is a zillion times better than she thought it would be. Wyatt explains this is his way to get Hope comfortable with camping. In a years time Hope will sleep outside under the stars. Hope says as long as she is with him.

Caroline believes that Rick should call Brooke before she does anything. Rick loves Caroline so much. Rick cannot believe after all these years it might be time for Brooke to just give up.

Brooke knows she can help Ridge accept this. Brooke tells Ridge to think about RJ. Brooke tells Katie whatever she decides to do with Bill she will support her one hundred percent. Brooke is sorry. Brooke believe they can finally have what they have always wanted to have. Brooke asks Ridge once again if he will marry her. Katie tells Ridge to say yes. That is why he came back so he should say yes.

Quinn thanks Pam for doing this as well as Charlie. Pam notes that they all make mistakes. Quinn suggests they go get another spa day soon. Pam tells Charlie that they are going to tell Liam the moment that Quinn leaves the room.

Wyatt tells Hope he has been thinking about her. Wyatt explains this used to be an escape for him. Getting away from everyone but now it is an adventure. The two kiss again.

Katie tells Ridge that he has to say yes. That is how it has always been. Katie thinks that it would work for them. Katie tells Ridge that the two of them have a chance and they should take it. That way they can at least have one happy ending. Ridge puts the ring in Brooke's hand and says no. He needs more time. Brooke cries. She tells him she will wait for as long as he needs. Brooke leaves. Katie asks why he did that.

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