B&B Friday Update 1/24/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/24/14


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Hope and Wyatt continue kissing while Pam and Quinn continue with their lunch. Pam tells Quinn that if there something she needs to get off her chest then she's a really good listener. Quinn says this is not easy for her to say but when she had Wyatt she was so young and she had no one to tell her how to be a good mother. She says she did know that she had to take care of him the best she could and he became the very reason for her being. She says it hasn't always been easy for Wyatt having her as his mother. Pam looks curios as to what Quinn means by that. Brooke asks Rick why Hope went with Wyatt and Rick tells her that she's been through a lot and just wanted to try something new. Brooke sighs to herself. Ridge pays Katie a visit at her home. He brings her back her phone and learns that Katie is taking a mental health day off work. He sees books on the couch and asks Katie if after speaking with him she came home and started reading books. Hearing how unimpressed he sounds Katie smiles and says it's clear that's not the usual effect he has on women. Ridge smiles at that.

Ridge tells Katie he knows what it's like to be a CEO and she is doing a great job but she has got to take some time for herself. He tells her to renew her energy and says maybe she needs some inspiration and maybe he can help her with that. Katie tells him he's already done that.

Rick tells his mother that this trip of Hope's is all about her moving on from Liam and moving on with Wyatt. He says it may take things to the next level to which Brooke says Hope is very careful with things like that. Rick says that Wyatt doesn't seem like the type to take advantage of Hope; he seems very protective.

Pam tells Quinn that to her Wyatt and her seem like best friends. Quinn agrees but says that is a very easy line to cross and sometimes she wonders if she's smothering him. Pam disagrees that she is and Quinn smiles saying she knew she'd understand her. Quinn asks Pam to go see some other places with her if she's not in a rush. Pam agrees to go and Quinn makes another toast to friendship and to always having each other's backs. Pam looks a little tense at the last part of the toast. Hope asks Wyatt what's next and Wyatt says this has no itinerary. He says it's just what they want to do, when they want to do it. Hope smiles seeming to enjoy that part.

Katie tells Ridge that he has shown her she has a lot to be grateful for. Ridge picks up the coffee she brought for him and says he's glad he could help. Katie asks Ridge if he's talked to Brooke because he was on her doorstep when she ran into him earlier. Ridge says he doesn't have anything to say to Brooke that can't wait besides it seems whatever she said to Brooke was something that Brooke would have to process. Katie says she's not sure Brooke hears anything she says and says it's the same with Bill. He can only see things from his perspective. She says he thinks she should understand that he was acting out of love and there isn't anything a parent wouldn't do for their child.

Quinn spends time with Pam but it's clear that she doesn't enjoy Pam's company at all and is only doing this to keep her away from Charlie.

Rick asks Brooke if she talked to Ridge. Brooke says he needs time but Rick insists he's already had too much time. Brooke tells Rick that Ridge loves and came back here for her. Brooke shows Rick her old engagement ring and Rick realizes she intends to propose to Ridge. He tries to warn her but Brooke says she just can't wait any longer and smiles joyfully. Brooke calls Ridge and tells him that she knows he asked for more time but she doesn't think that's the answer for them. She asks to see him and Ridge reluctantly says he'll drop by her house later on.

Katie tells Ridge to go to Brooke now because she needs him but Ridge just looks at Katie and doesn't look like he wants to go anywhere. Pam returns to Forrester and is stunned when Charlie angrily tells her he's been looking for her all day. Seeing Quinn with Pam he asks her what she's been doing hanging out with her all day. Quinn looks worried.

Hope and Wyatt roast marshmallows and take walks on the beach while sharing kisses.

Katie tells Ridge to go see Brooke but also tells him that she gets why Brooke has been in love with him all these years. She says he's a good guy and after being with Bill so long she says it's nice to be around a guy who treats a woman with respect and kindness. Brooke barges in to Katie's home and Katie and Ridge awkwardly tell her that he was just about to come see her. Brooke proposes to Ridge in front of Katie and urges him that it's time for them to move on and be together. Katie looks unhappy in the background and looking at the ring, Ridge doesn't look too thrilled with the idea either.

Charlie tells Pam to stay away from Quinn because her and her son are trouble. Pam asks him why he's saying that and Charlie begins to tell Pam about the jewel heist. Quinn freaks out and tells Pam that she has to hear her out before she hears this and Pam looks confused and worried.

Wyatt and Hope start to make love to each other on the beach. 

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